Jin and Leon compete at an active volcano’s arena. Rachel and Jimmy dodge questions about Kaiser Gray, who appears to be in the Garden and is watching the battles. The BeyRaiderz promise to bring wealth and prosperity back to the land, and the 3 boys decide to head off and try to be successful again. Sho then follows Rachel and Jimmy outside the city. The episode begins with the group at another coliseum arena. Task hits rocks intentionally to trick Jin into getting trapped. Sho is chosen to represent all the Bladers against Flame. With the Mythic Beasts freed, the world begins to recover and Sho and his friends proceed to challenge the others for a BeyRaiderz battle.

Sho and Flame battle for the final token that ends with Sho winning and Kaiser leaves the world permanently. March 29, [4]. After the final two beasts are resurrected, Armes reveals Kaiser Gray is the Hero Flame who has been turned evil after he fought against Tempest. January 4, [4]. Flame then announces the resurrection of the Mythic Beasts to the world and commands the people to come to him at the Sacred Garden. He challenges Sho to a battle, but Ricky says he was their first and should get first shot.

Sho and Ricky are battling, and Sho wins. Moot, Raizon, and Andre.

Beywarriors Beyraiderz Shogun Episode 11 part 2

Rachel opens up her compass, and shortly thereafter Task’s beast turns into a guiding light. Kaiser quickly claims his 3rd token and releases the power of the Six Mythic Beasts against Sho. While searching for the next town, Ricky goes off on his own to try and awaken his beast.

Flame reveals he has the seventh BeyRaiderz. However all six Mythic Beasts must have their guiding lights activated before the location of the Sacred Garden will be revealed. Views Read Edit View history. Task reveals that in order for the Mythic Beasts to be revived, three arena battles must take place in the Garden.

January 11, [4]. Elisode battles Episkde for the right to gain the final Master Token. Upon opening the coliseum six Golden Statues aren’t found, but a team battle coliseum is in place.


He challenges Sho to a battle, but Ricky says he was their first and should get first shot. Jin knocks them to the ground and reveals he wasn’t chasing any of them.

Sho and Flame battle for the final token that ends with Sho winning and Kaiser leaves the world permanently. Leon and Beyriderz find the Grandmother and return her to Rachel, Jimmy, and Holly where they learn of the battle taking place.

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The three boys left trying to become wealthy so they could return to the village and doing a well. While heading towards the exit, Sho and the others find Task and free him. March 15, [4]. She believes bringing back the Secret Garden will bring back prosperity to the land.

Sho reveals that Samurai Ifrit has shown him a vision that confirms their tale.

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Flame reveals his BeyRaiderz is an earlier beeyraiderz of Ifrit that has the ability to use all the powers of each Mythic Beast. Cartoon Network acted as the premiere station for episode 4 after airing a 4-episode marathon January March 22, [4]. The goal is to secure the most tokens and power up your BeyRaiderz spirit. Shogunbut has since been renamed BeyWarriors: Beyyraiderz Masters — Scan2Go — Beyblade: Armes battles Flame in the new arena created by the six Mythic beasts.

Now that they’ve uncovered him, Task won’t let Sho and Jin leave. Ronin Dragoon turns into the second guiding light, and the group leaves for the third beryaiderz. After each BeyWarrior gets one token, tactics are changed where Sho battles Jin in a battle of speed while Jimmy and Leon battle to keep the others from getting the tokens.

The episode begins with epksode group at another coliseum arena. They decide to settle things through a BeyRaiderz battle. In the dungeons the spirits of the Mythic Beasts help Sho and the others escape. Armes hears the story but then comes out and challenges Sho to a BeyRaiderz battle. Kings of My Love — Beyraidrez 12 — The group heads toward the next city, in a forest where no one now lives. They meet the Treasure Hunter Bison and learn that Bison is searching for six Golden Statues that are shaped after the mystic Guardians.


With beyfaiderz Mythic Beasts freed, the world begins to eoisode and Sho and his friends proceed to challenge the others for a BeyRaiderz battle. An unknown evil arises to take on the six guardian figures, forcing the six to unite.

Burst Burst Evolution Burst Turbo. Surprisingly Sho’s Ifrit recovers from the stratosphere blow and evens it up at 3 tokens a piece. NelvanaSynergySPd-rights. The three boys lead the trio to the cities lost coliseum, but they are followed by Armes Navy.

Bison learns that the hope of the world lies with these six BeyWarriors and decides to stop searching beyriderz any future treasure. Jin beyariderz Leon compete at an rpisode volcano’s arena. Both Sho and Jin sense the mysterious figure again and attack. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Flame then reveals Jimmy and Rachel are descendants of Tempest, who have been trying to undo their ancestor’s wrongdoings.

When Jimmy brings up the mysterious Kaiser, Jimmy changes the subject to dinner, almost as though he and Rachel are hiding something about Kaiser Gray. Sho and Jin each manage to epidode one more token, giving each team 3, but when Jin’s BeyRaiderz flips over and becomes unable to battle, it allows Leon to keep Jimmy distracted while Sho collects the other two tokens with ease.

An odd number of tokens is always used, with a minimum of 3 tokens being held. The next day the 4 BeyWarriors approach a mountain coliseum where they encounter a series of traps. Before dividing on the paths, Rachel tells everyone the legend of the Secret Garden that the six mythic beasts once lived in.

A tag-team battle is held with Sho and Ricky facing Leon and Jin.