However, he declares that he will never give up even if this arrancar is stronger than he is. Ichigo, as a high school Soul Reaper, must save Rukia, the intergalactic maid cop, being held hostage by Rangiku, the evil criminal alien mastermind, who has Orihime and Chad under her mind control. As Aizen’s transformation intensifies, Urahara arrives to participate in the battle. He then aims for Orihime, who tries to defend herself with Santen Kesshun as Ichigo still tries to defeat Ulquiorra. Hisagi, Onsen Ryokan e! Orihime comes across Rukia and Renji, who were on their way to the local shrine festival.

Toshiro just HAS to fight an espada so lets give him random Halibel. She murmured her Fraccions’ names to acknowledge them and unzips her jacket to reveal her rank as the 3rd Espada, signified by the tattoo on her right breast. Meanwhile, the other Soul Reapers form uneasy alliances with the Vizards: In this special episode, Ichigo and a number of other characters take part in an alternate world that hinges closely on the stories of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. It is shown that Unohara healed all of the Vizards including Hiyori, but ultimately it is up to her own will if she is to survive. Urahara arrives to stop Aizen.

Hitsugaya, the Desperate Hyoten Hyakkaso!

The quartet later encountered Baraggan when he was king of Hueco Mundo, who offered her to join his side, but she declined, also wounding a shark-like hollow who approached epissode. Ichigo, still battling Ulquiorra, dons his hollow mask and starts to overwhelm his opponent. Before Wonderwiess can finish her off, Kensei Muguruma steps in to save her and takes her place, soon releasing his bankai at Wonderweiss.

Yammy gets angry and grows into an altered form, revealing that his rage lets him become stronger.

Instead of Toshiro fighting a fraccion and waiting for Gin he takes the spotlight of an Espada and bleah fight Gin still. And it’s made like that to see which side of the same Element is stronger. Hitsugaya worries how strong she is and shocked to find out that she is only ranked third.


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While Kon tries to rescues a girl from being attacked by a hollow, a mysterious person named Michel intervenes and defeats it instead, much to Kon’s dismay. After defeating his oncoming opponents, Aizen stabs Yamamoto who then creates pillars of flames to trap him, which will kill not only Aizen, but everyone else in the process.

With Lilinette’s motivation, Stark then summons a pack of wolves, made from parts of their souls, which explode on impact. Wonderweiss then screams loudly, shattering the ice that Halibel was trapped in and allowing her to escape unharmed.

Seizo took the attack instead and lost almost all his spiritual energy, and as a result no one respected him after that. Enraged, Hitsugaya charges at Aizen but is cut down, his left limbs cut off. Baraggan survived the first time she used it because he made the missile age and redirected the explosion away from him. Rukia, Chad and Renji go all out hitsubaya him, but he successfully blocks all their attacks.

What episode does toshiro hitsugaya fight tier harribel?

Hitsugaya successfully uses Hyoten Hyakkaso against Harribel. Stark shows distress at his death and vows to avenge him.

Immediately, Harribel rushes at him and slashes, her sword still containing yellow energy, Hitsugaya barely has time to defend himself. Hirako calls for Ichigo, realizing that Orihime can still heal her. Protect Karakura Town” Transcription: Anime Episodes ive watched. Meanwhile, Rukia has difficulty in dispatching Rudbornn and the Exequias until Chad and Renji show up to give her a hand. Hisagi, Onsen Ryokan e! In Rukia’s house, Ichigo wakes up after ten days, and it is revealed that his hair length and body height have returned to normal, having gone through the first couple of stages in losing his powers.


Ichigo talks to Seizo, and after regaining his confidence in his skills, he defeats a group of hollows alongside Ikkaku. Finally, Love hits Stark, throwing him into a sea of flames. Episoode anger, he fires out his Respira attack until he rots away Hachi’s right hand. However, Yachiru, before leaving again, privately warns Mayu not to get too close to Masayoshi.

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However, Ichigo just wants the Snow Crystal for himself so he can turn human and wake up from the dream. Sunday, March 4, Featured Fight: Meanwhile, Aizen finally draws his blade against Hirako.

Tensa Zangetsu shows Ichigo his inner hollow, revealing to him it was the form he defeated Ulquiorra in. Ichigo finds Rukia, who tells him nitsugaya there has been an unknown hollow that has been sucking out the souls of humans. Hitsugaya Ice vs Halibel Water Ichigo questions Urahara what Aizen’s true motives might have been the whole time.

All the typical stuff thats happening right now is generic and predictable. Meanwhile, the other Soul Reapers form uneasy alliances with the Vizards: Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Hifsugaya tai Shinigami ” Japanese: Mayuri arrives and tells everyone that he has managed to analyze the Garganta and offers to send Ichigo back to Karakura Town through it.

Ichigo, as a high school Soul Reaper, must save Rukia, the intergalactic maid cop, being held hostage by Rangiku, the evil criminal alien mastermind, who has Orihime and Chad under her mind control.