Tyray found a man that sold guns on the black market. When Tyray goes to shoot Darrell rather than shooting Darell he attemp This story is about a high school student named Tyray. He also did it well. I would recommend it to most readers, because it has a simple vocabulary and would interest most readers. She found one on the west coast, so they moved to this new neighborhood. I do congratulate the author in that I never drifted off or daydreamed while reading but I think this may be due to the fact there wasn’t very much book to drift away from. Tyray set out on the street to find a gun. Sep 01, Dee Cherry rated it really liked it Shelves:

Darrell moved around and avoided his hits. Desperate to settle the score and regain respect, Tyray see only ones solution to his problems– a gun. To have everything back to the way it was, he has to take down Darrell Mercer. Back to the present, a new kid who was quite small, moved to the school and Tyray was excited to bully him and take his lunch money. It takes place mainly at Bluford High School and Tyray’s house. I recommend this book strongly for those kind of people. His brother, Warren, was in prison for robbing a corner store with a gun. One day a kid named Darrell stood up to him and breaks his wrist.

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They both hit the ground and talked things over. The tale traces Tyray’s troubled home life, his desire to rebuild his reputation, and his quest to get revenge on Darrell, the only boy who ever stood up to him.

The main character, Tyray, a known bully, is outsmarted by one of his victims during a school fight. This book tells a story on how anyone can stand up for themselves no matter their size or strength.

It also shows how bad he tries to get revenge on Darrell for ruining his reputation for finally standing up to him. In this story the author tries to teach blufrd that if something happens and it really affects you that it will end up getting better. Jan 13, Brandon Scheer rated it liked it. Tyray is about to kill him but then turns the gun on himself.


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His parents disowned him after that. Tyray always had money when he was stealing it by being a bully. I was vun expecting the ending that I had received and I really think that the ending is what made me rate the book five stars. He was determined to get revenge but didn’t know how. Another character blufoed this story is Lark.

This book has a bit of suspense as the ending app 4. Preview — The Gun by Paul Langan. GP Subscription Publications, After Tyray thought about what he was doing, he decided this was not the path he wanted to follow and was going to be a better person. It is a short, easy read blfuord is very easy to follow.

Darrell stood up to Tyray. This book had a really good storyline and knew how to keep me interested in it. There is Lark, the girl who Tyray played to get the money. He also did it well. After he got picked on and bullied by Darrel Mercer.

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May 16, Norberto Leyva rated it really liked it. I would recommend this book to at least high schoolers or people that are mature enough to handle talking about difficult social issues such as murder and suicide because those subjects are discussed in the thw.

There are his parents and a a lot of other people mentioned. In “The Bully” Tyray was the freshman bully in high school and he learned to get what he wanted through bullying and intimidation.

The Bluford Series

There were other places, but were not mentioned a lot. Warren always wrote Tyray from prison to pass time, Tyray needed someone ta talk to anyways. Sumary his bullying powers had been momentarily ceased, his anger led to his want for a gun to regain his so-called “power”.

Tyray is a troubled teenager from a damaged home, where his father I think the author was trying to bring a sjmmary of think before you act. Filled with anger he think the only way to gain back his power is to get a gun. Tyray started stealing and bullying other kids at school, making him feel powerful.


Tyray endd up getting jumped, therefore losing the money. Another reason i like this book is because it teaches a lesson. Everyone had changed the way the thought of Tyray. He wanted to be tough like his brother. There are a lot of characters in the book.

Weeks ago he was one of the most feared students in Bluford High. I rate this bbook a 4 out of 5 stars. When Seriea wasn’t at the high school he hated, he was at his house or running the streets without permission.

He finds someone and wants to be met at the gym. Its just a matter of time before someone turns to a weapon. I read “The Gun” by Paul Langan. He bullies these kids, because he likes the feeling of having power and that people are afraid of him.

Then the setting changes from the high school, to the street, and then to an alleyway behind a grocery store where Darrell works. Miserable but there was one thing he had no money but when he was a bully he always had money so he found a little gir This book is about a boy that thinks he better then every one and can beat every one seriee but one day he was bullying a kid and the kid didnt like it so the kid went off on him and made the bully go to the ground.

This lead to Tyray not being as feared or respected as he was before. His old This was a pretty good book. Jan 03, Regino Leon rated it really liked it.