Together with the Dragon Knight! Although it seems as if Gao does not know how to effectively use his new deck, Gao pulls off a masterful combo to activate Drum’s new ability, Mega Blast Bunker, which deals heavy damage to Raremaro. While claiming to have abandoned his dream of reviving his ninja clan, Kanahebi halts Zanya’s assault while slowly whittling Zanya’s life points away. As Gao spends his days, he is invited by an unknown monster to represent Dragon World in a special tourney! Just what was the things they wanted to convey to their friends? Gao and his friends meet at his home, and then Doai appears to deliver a message from Genma, telling Gao to withdraw from the upcoming match. He was released from prison by Kyoya, but something else seems off.

Having had his half-body eaten by Yamigedo, Asmodai tracks Sophia and discovers the location of Yamigedo. Ultimately, Kemura gives in to Rouga’s philosophy of “winning is everything” and uses the hate card to win the game. Which deck builder’s belief will win? Gao and his friends track down Jin, who will only return the deck if Gao beats him in a Buddyfight. Gao expresses his disagreement with Rouga, who takes his leave. Sayuri then states that because Gaito chose to conceal his fears and weaknesses within himself, It would be impossible for the Dragon Force to accept him. Zanya tries to counter it, but due to the item’s invincibility, the attack continues and Zanya loses the battle.

Noboru and El Quixote then come across Aooni Kanme, another criminal and the younger brother of Akaoni. When Gao saw those eyes, he’s overflowed with a feeling he had forgotten. The Ultimate form of Great Fiend, Yamigedo has been forged and summoned to the apocalyptic future! Gao and his friends track down Jin, who will only return the deck if Gao beats him in a Buddyfight. Fist of the Sun!! Just what is Kiri’s true motive that he in such a hurry for…?

Zanya is able to activate his final phase to defeat Kibaltes. He fights with Kazane Fujimiya. Afterwards, as a side effect of the DVD, Gao and the guys feel pains in their right arms.


Some of them are not awakened, and some have transformed themselves into humans. Elsewhere, Rouga is frustrated after almost losing to Tasuku. Yami Ara-mitama ” Japanese: Shortly after losing his Buddy monster, Aooni challenges Noboru to a Buddyfight with both of their Buddy Rare cards at stake.

Future Card Buddyfight 100 Episode 41 English Subbed

His Name is Batzz! In secret, Kyoya activates Disaster Force to make icebergs appear while Sophia reverts Axia back into a card eplsode threatens to destroy it. Days before the final match of Gao vs Genesis, Gao and the gang learn that Abygale has disappeared!

After some time of investigating, Tasuku stumbles upon Sofia and a mysterious boy doing business. When Rouga first arrived in Sengoku Academy, Shosetsu tried to fight him but was utterly defeated. With the mission of defeating his past self complete, Dynamis appears and bestows upon Tasuku and Jack Knife the power of Star Dragon World. Sophia locates and gets to Akatsuki first, and she then takes him to the student council office. He tells Ban to hand the Omni Lord’s Crest over.

[Sub][Episode 45] Future Card Buddyfight X Animation

Gao is driven to a corner by Bigmachine’s Gigadroid Hero world deck; but manages to survive his impact card, bigmachine Sledgehammer. In a act of desperation, Yamigedo has turned Kemura into a horrifying monster! Gao must secure 94 more victories to take place in the Japan Cup, however Gara is on his Trail. The crowd becomes noisy, and at that moment, Tasuku tries to use his Disaster Force to destroy the monster, but it fails because of a program in his dark core so he cannot hurt any darkness dragon monsters.

As Gao reaches a peculiar temple, he is attacked by an unknown enemy!!! In the end, Zakoyama is defeated, and “Wind” is revealed to be a girl named Kazane Fujimiya. Shosetsu tries to use the item card – Sword of the King, Excalibur – but the sword rejects him.


Gao and Tasuku have tracked Bal’s location! Kabala is shown to be a scientist that can use the Dark Core’s power to manipulate monsters. Drum returns to Dragon World to seek advice on becoming stronger from his father. Specter of Darkness Wasteland, O-Yamigedo!! In order to qualify for the next round, Gao and the gang must win matches!

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Zanya was for Tasuku’s sake, Rouga was for Kyoya’s sake, both of them had a lot of things to tell their respective other’s. But they are stopped by Nobari, Sueroku and Magoroku Shido. Cetacea Barding Academy has kindly offered transport on their cruise ship for Gao, Tasuku, and Dai, and their friends, to the tournament’s venue, Cho-Taiyo Island; While Gaito is eepisode only one boarding a helicopter flight.

She reveals the secret Count Dawn has hidden. Tasuku is immediately ordered to head to Chou Nagoya, where the ceremony is held. The passionate area’s climax is started with Team Goddess, Amanosuzu Suzuha’s team. Tasuku witnesses a shocking spectacle…! So, Gao battles Tetsuya, whose buddy monster turns out to be the popular entertainer Demon Lord, Asmodai. As he goes to school one day, he is visited by long time friend Kiri Hyoryu!

The Collapse of Balle du Soleil!? At the school Gao goes to, cases of people having their decks stolen starts to happen.

At twilight, a buddyfighter that challenges people to knock them down at deserted places, and snatches their Buddy away before they leave. With Drum returning to Gao’s side to aid him budsyfight battle, Gao defeats Kazane, and the two fighters become friends. Can Gao continue to protect Tenbu and trap a new hundred demon in the process?