Crown Prince Dan of Yan. Siapa bilang cewek cantik tak boleh gokil? Archived from the original on 28 March In the end, Consort Li’s scheme is discovered and as a result, Prince Rong’s title was stripped and both of them were exiled. Soo Hyun hanya memiliki seorang Ibu 5. Feng rose to mainstream popularity after starring in Palace , one of the most popular Chinese dramas of the year.

With this and coupled with the disgust from Consort Bo who thinks she is a calamity by being too wise for a woman, made Dou Yifang ‘s life in Dai Palace restless and hounded with troubles. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. However, due to circumstances, she isn’t able to confess her feelings to him. Shen’er is a woman who wishes to be as powerful as the Empress Dowager and she is overwhelmed by the temptation of wealth and power – being obsessed with this kind of thinking and she never stopped finding ways to fulfill her own ambitions. Strongly influenced by his artistic mother, Feng began taking violin lessons and participating in various extracurricular activities when he was a child. Dengan rambut disisir miring, Siwon tampak menampilkan ekspresi yang serius.

Rise of the Sea Dragon.

However, Dae-sung’s genuine kindness to her eventually melts Eun-jo’s defenses, and she learns to trust and love her stepfather. Tesiro Diamond’s jewelry designer. Soo Hyun hanya memiliki seorang Ibu 5. Anhui Television shows Television series set in the Western Han dynasty Chinese historical television series Chinese television series debuts Chinese television series endings Television programs based on Chinese novels Screenplays by Yu Zheng Media in Shanghai Television series by Huanyu Film.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Beauty’s Rival in Palace Official poster. Dengan konsep berkharisma yang mereka bawakan di atas panggung, banyak yang tak menyangka bahwa beberapa dari idol K-Pop yang kita kenal selama ini ternyata punya kepribadian berbeda saat tak sedang tampil di atas panggung.

When she grew up, she unexpectedly entered the palace as a maid. Bridal Mask English title Revised romanization: Siwon akan memerankan karakter Kang Hyun Min, seorang selebriti top yang tampan dan mempesona.


Tapi dia biasanya lebih suka musik hip hop dan lagu-lagu balad. However, after suffering setbacks in both her relationship and career, she realizes that ysmphony physical appearance is not a “free pass” to love. However, Zirang’s child was murdered by Zisu, a maid of Dai whom Consort Bo used to distract Liu Heng from Yifang albeit unsuccessful Zisu is indebted to Yifang so she tries to pay the debt by removing the obstacle to the crown for Yifang’s son, Liu Qi.

After her transformation, she turns into a more confident person. Views Read Edit View history.

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Unfortunately, Qingning eventually died to protect Yifang’s secret identity and extracts a promise from her to take care of Liu Heng. October 31, October 31, 4 Comments. Archived from the original on Prince of Lan Ling. At the same time, her good friend Lei Yiming, who has always stayed by her side, also confesses to her.

Symmphony Qi, already frail in health, coupled with physical exertion on the court affairs, was soon terminally ill.

With this and coupled with the disgust from Consort Bo who thinks she is a calamity by being too wise for a woman, made Dou Yifang ‘s life in Dai Palace restless and hounded with troubles. People, believing that she was bringing downfall to the empire, pleaded for her to be put to death. Kegokilan apa saja dari idol K-Pop yang terekam kamera selama ini? Due to his family background, he is cold to people and does not believe in love.

InFeng starred as the titular prince in the historical drama Prince of Lan Ling. Set in Chang’anChina during the beginnings of the Han DynastyBeauty’s Rival in Palace tells a dramatised account of Empress Dou Ruby Lin and how her efforts and achievements in the imperial court positively influenced the reign of her husband Emperor Wen Sammul Chanwhich paved the way for the tziwan of the Rule of Wen and Jing. Yuk, lihat resensi drama yang udah aku bikin, siapa tau bisa membantu chinggudeul yang pengen cari drama-movie certa yang kece badai.


Lost in the streets, a brothel proprietor took Shen’er and groomed her to be a courtesan.

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Cui Wei Zhang Liang A famous celebrity, spokesperson csrita Tesiro Diamond. Beauty’s Rival in Palace [1] [2] Chinese: Bahkan dia pernah ikut kompetisinya, tapi kalah gara-gara dia jatuh di babak kedua. Rainy Night Flower Father’s Wish. The Brothers Iron Housewives. Cek daftar-daftarnya di bawah ini:. May 30, — September 6, Runtime: After the war, Liu Wu was commended lavishly symphonj his contributions to the war effort, and slowly he grew drzma and vain. The court is worried along with the royal palace of Han as Empress Bo still has not given birth to a son and not to mention her losing the Emperor’s favors.

He was ranked number 33rd on ‘s Forbes China Celebrity list. The court is in a difficult conflict as Liu Bi’s Wu State is gate frontier region of the Han Empire – in case Liu Bu rises in rebellion against the Han Court for this matter, the whole empire will be in disarray as they will lose a protector region against foreign invaders. Alice in Wonder City Confucius.

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Penyanyi berusia 25 tahun ini pun semakin menunjukkan karismanya sebagai seorang aktor di foto tersebut. As grandfather tried every means to separate her and her father, Ya Yin often moved houses and hid away from her grandfather since she was young. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Legend of Jade Sword. When Liu Qi told Yifang of this, she allowed him to punish him in whichever way he deems fit, but as long as he spares Liu Wu’s life.

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