She says that he is either busy in cases or in his hotels. Plzz not let the ishaan to die. There is no doli armaano ki without samrat, ishaan and urmi. He says that he loves urmi be the heart and wants to spend his life with her. Ishaan then asks what was the hurry, and why they married hastily. Urmi is shocked and asks why is she crying.

Ishaan and Urmi were the best and cute couple to watch, without Ishaan.. Anu asks them to go inside, or else she would get bored. Seeing the worst thing to happen to a mother and wife is too much for women to see on There favorite serials.. She is tensed at this suddenness. Therefore think before you write ,If you are a male remember you have a mother and sisters and if you are a woman you may have daughters and also a mother ,. Urmi goes to ask shashi to say so that he goes too. The judge too warns samrat. Do you listen better after beatings?

Samrat planned to kill Urmi and got trapped himself. Downstairs, urmi sees that samrat isnt wearing what she chose for him.

She and ishaan insist again. It gives false negative hopes to people. By Rimjhim On Dec 31, She asks why is he talking like this all of a sudden today. She says that she too doesn understand things about him.

Page 1 of 1. He asks who has he talked rudely to. Welcome, Login to your account.

Doli Armaanon Ki 24th December 2014 FULL EPISODE HD | Urmi TRAPS Radha in her plan

She asks why is he not willing to understand. I hope there will be a twin or something like that stolen by a doc or nurse and given to some woman who lost her child. Leila 29th Jan – 2: He starts and says that he is going to deliver a verdict today. She refuses to believe this, saying that she wont succumb to defeat so easily, as as long as she is alive, urmi wont come in this house, as noone can steal her ishaan from her.


Later, downstairs, sandhya keeps pointing out that ishaan hasnt said yes.

Last updated Jan 24, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th January Written Episode The episode starts with a woman coming there and telling arpita that the bridegroom All are shocked and tensed. Damini says that now since they have changed plans, and the shagun is dooi go to urmi, then they should prepare well in advance.

Samrat is frustrated with the increasing mention of ishaan in the household. Samrat d villain shud hav not Ishan.: He says that he knows and hence he is saying so, and is stuck that he wants to make Ishaan only his father. He says that he doesnt know if marrying someone else would make his father happy or not, but he knows that he wont be happy or be able to love anyone else, other than urmi, and asks if he justifies the injustice janary he does with any other girl.

Ishaan then asks what was the hurry, and why they married hastily. Niranjan eyes samrat angrily, who is upset himself.

Doli Armaanon Ki 24th January Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

She says that he is either busy in cases or in his hotels. Click this bar to view the full image. His father assures that everything would be okay. Samrat is furious when ishaan just mentions that she maybe upset, and says she would have to be kept in limits. Even his wife Tani holds him responsible, which makes Samrat go away from them. As ishaan comes, urmi asks if radha shall come, and he assures that she shall, and asks her to hope for the best, and asks her to think, that the new year shall bring lots of happiness for her, just like shaurya wanted.


He goes to greet him, and tries to initiate a converstion with him. Page 1 of 1.

Doli Armaanon Ki 31st December Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Urmi tells about her honeymoon plan, of going to Goa. Shashi finally pretends to have noticed urmi and asks if she woke up finally. He smiles and hopes that the judge gives the descision in his favour fast.

She is tensed at this suddenness. The screen freezes on her face. Shaurya is just acting I guess so that urmi gets engaged to ishaan. Sanaya asks whatever she is, and asks why did he lie, and how can he out all blame on urmi, and proving her wrong. Urmi asks how low has he fallen, that he is taking advantage of a woman, to live her life.