Kahi Unkahi Episode 9 — Loving it! Kahi Unkahi Episode 4 — Expectations Justified. I am already loving the drama as it if moving further. Her mother even refuses the proposals that come for Sadaf as there will be no one to earn once she leaves. Rameen is made to stay in the servant quarters as her family now starts believing that she is mentally ill and is just cooking up stories. She sets out to take revenge from this family and emerges triumphant. So this episode was for sure the best one for me so far.

Karachi , Sindh , Pakistan [1]. The two meet while studying for their post-graduation and are at loggerheads throughout college. Kahi Unkahi Episode 20 — Review. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fatima Awan March 13, Rameen is made to stay in the servant quarters as her family now starts believing that she is mentally ill and is just cooking up stories. Bano is kidnapped by a man in India who she believes will take her to Pakistan one day.

KarachiSindhPakistan [1].

She gave birth to a daughter in[11] [12] [7] [13] [14] and a son in Thakan Sadaf Saba Qamar has worked tirelessly for years to support her family and being the only earning member, she copes with distasteful experiences at work. This may take a second or two. Aiman Aamina Ankahj and Saman Saba Qamar are sisters but have drastically different approach towards life.


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Fatima Awan March 6, Well I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. What I really hated. The akahi dynamics, which are already in flames are further ignited when Alizeh decides to marry a man who is much older than her. This leads to major disturbances in his marital life.

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I am actually thinking its getting a bit late for the entry of the hero but as seen. She starts discovering the actual meaning of life and starts directing her anger towards constructive projects. The four main characters of the show are bound by problems and their relationships that act episod a shackle for them to survive in a rough world.

Zahra Mirza April 10, Her plans go awry quickly and she is left on a crossroad. The joint family faces various ups and downs in this 33 episode series but the value of staying with your family is highlighted throughout. Retrieved 29 October Drama has made some interesting developments but seem.

Kahi Unkahi Episode e;isode — Loving it! Archived from the original on 30 October Retrieved 15 April Kahi Unkahi Episode 16 — Interesting.

Haya Waleed — Mere Meherbaan. Fatima Awan February 28, By matter of circumstances, she is married to a narcissist, chauvinist man who refuses to change his ways. He is still confused but he needs a certain push from the inside to come to.


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Kahi Unkahi Episode 18 — Good One! It deals with the problems that Pakistanis face while living abroad. This family drama tells the story of a joint family led by the patriarch Agha Jaan Abid Episod and beautifully explores the relationships between parents and children. When Shandana starts contemplating divorce, her mother tells her about the initial years of her marriage.

Fatima Awan November 28, Close Window Loading, Please Wait! The Pakistani TV industry, a relatively new one though, has been fast catching up both in terms of popularity and great content. Retrieved 25 March Daam is a tale of friendship which reflects that the selfish decisions we make can impact many lives and the damage, is irreparable.

This episode can be taken as an introductory note because of the few years gap they have covered.

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