For the umpteenth time. Domino December 21, at 1: Have to give it to her for keeping her composure throughout the whole night knowing her support team must be under a heavy stress. He wonders if they are being set up and runs off to meet with Yoon and asks him to give the second portion of the investment today. I saw a video of him With his group, Strumming a so-called Bass Guitar. It was pretty much a given that Jae Hee and Ji Young would be the final two, and looking at them standing there I could not have imagined two more deserving finalists. I checked and found that there’s no other drama airs in the same timeslot with MDSY.

Hyung Joon rushes back to Vivi and finds President Hwang waiting there with his goons. The main couple is cute and it’s not everyday you see a romance involving a single mom portrayed in a wholesome light. Posted November 25, And My Daughter Seo-Young sounds cute. Likewise, last week’s highest rated episode of Nice Guy got Sigh, we can’t do anything except be patient. Sad it’s in last place.

Of these, I’m watching Rascal Sons.

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Jae Hee turns and gives her a sad look. Koala for doubting you! How is it so far? It’s driving me crazy as I absolutely hate following a series raw and there is no time to catch up once the subs are released.


I stopped watching last weekend with the understanding that the writer had already run out of ideas. I will continue watch to the end. That lead actor who has been left out of Daghter has had pretty bad acting capability. Only thing keeping me from weekends drama are those episodes count.

This is too strange. I am still on episode younh. She gets into bed and Ji Young asks why she was out all night.

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Jae Hee won 1st. I saw all the headlines for Episode 24!!! My Love, Madame Butterfly premiered this weekend on SBS and had a fairly good dpisode, given that it went up against such an established leader. Each contestant makes their entrance while the MC reads their figure measurements and then zeo screen flashes with the average of the judges votes.

Director Yoon tells Madam Ma that Ji Young did a good job with her make up in the bathroom by herself. Gooddrama uploaded the wrong translation and stole my feels. Her old boss smirks in the judge seat. Papa Lee decides to just stay at this job until he can find another mh.

I don’t see ‘The great king’s dream’ listed here anywhere. Many people who gave this drama a chance seem to grow to like it, but unfortunately not that many even consider watching it. He keeps getting pages and calls back Heung Sam to get shocking news. President Kang gets separate beds for him and his wife, which prompts a two-hour opera session for the incensed and heartbroken Mama Kang.


Also, I like that the leading man is just a really nice, bumbling guy-next-door.

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So this is an interesting development. The machine subs I mean as I am a Mandarin epiisode and Korean drama editor- they don’t translate well.

Ko tries to interject but Teacher Jang starts yelling at her. I would settle with ‘fairly common’ I really like it. But the show is immensely popular and getting rave reviews to boot, so maybe more of a good thing can actually be a good thing? He laughs that sseo Vivi cream will still end up in his hands.

Aye October 8, at 3: Seriously addicted and obsessed with it and in LOVE. My mom always ask if there’s new episodes almost everyday.