Sign In Sign Up. Anyone know when will be out Yoo-kyung worries that other women will try to take Kang-woo away from her. Didn’t watch the end. The Mok Bujang song from ep 30 was really touching, especially when the whole finale ended. I loved this drama Damn, PSH has skills!

She is married to Bong Junsoo who works at the same company. I don’t have that Jo-won syndrome after all. I think I’ll have to learn Korean Episode 12 by LollyPip. The reason I started this drama — Park Sihoo! I now look forward in finishing the drama even if I already read some spoilers:

President Gu urges Yong-shik to come back to their company but Yong-shik refuses. No, I didn’t so I gave up.

Family Honor is coming back to me! That leaves six more weeks for the drama to either make Hwang Tae-hee Kim Nam-joo fall in love with Gu Yong-shik Park Shi-hooor else go down in flames. Not every drama has such constructive themes as this one does.

Crazy Queen (2016)

Taehee has to juggle her challenges in love with those in work, helping shape her boss and department director, Goo Yongshik, from an insensitive and reversaps second generation chaebol to a true leader. If PSH ends up with the lead character, then I’ll watch this series. Hwang Taehee is the daughter of a chaebol and team leader at her workplace.


I thought he wasn’t the main character? She has worked at Queens for over 20 years ever since dramacrzay was 20 years old, rising to the position of vice president. Rose T October 8, at 5: So Park Shi Hoo got the girl! Hwang Taehee is a workaholic who graduated at reversxls top of her class in high school and college.

The police guy is really cute too! And you know she will.

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Also, for some reason, I’m loving that cop character. But the charms of the second male lead had won me over. I enjoyed it tremendously though I had picked it up as an easy watch after my meals in between my studying time. I love that Tae-hee actually ends up bonding with her rival Yeo-jin in their cautiously wary Cold War way.

So PSH gets the girl? I felt like they were going to have a similar structure in that ddramacrazy with a Tae-hee and Jun-su pairing in the end. I never noticed YKS’s hands, but you know whose hands I don’t like so much?

I still enjoyed those drama. I have an appointment. What did she study in the USA in 9 months, and where, I wonder?


Fairly solid acting, but story is not that interesting.

Just flies off to San-Francisco. Her boss keeps trying to prevent her from working and doing well, but she is able to overcome these obstacles and challenges. I shouldn’t have clicked the link but For dinner, Yong-shik’s mom makes him soy bean paste soup and Yong-shik tells her that though her’s is delicious, he knows one person who can prepare that better than her.

I had to fast forward to the end to see the kiss right away! I’ve done my re-watch just yesterday and it makesthe longest I can ever remember! I’m so glad he got the girl.

Chae is one of those actresses that I love, despite her always playing characters I mostly dislike. Who made it for you?