Thanks mate, looking forward to the pictures: Gotta have some fun overtakin sportsbikes No, but I wanna be. For most powersports parts, we have tiered product qualities available. Then read the info pack, or our frequently asked questions here, before emailing questions. I’m trying to explore my options, low budget. Do you recommend it? Mini Pics and Vids.

Discussion in ‘ Thumpers ‘ started by Research Rat , Aug 20, You guys came highly regarded from SupermotoAus. The exetel boys seemed to have the monopoly on the rims in the wreakers here I’m from Brissy. I got the black 3 spoke CBR rims, new Kings tyres, near new discs, 45t sprocket and all the spacers. It takes about 15 minutes to convert the bike back to trail wheels. Came off of YZF Front

And no doubt high demand is also a contributing factor into the price as well. Private Messages You are not logged in. Cast rims are heavier and basically are for a really cheap supermoto setup for a non racer.

Start a photobucket acc, easy and free. You must read and agree to our legal disclaimer here before any download of info packs. Cut and paste the one starting [img] and paste it into your post here. Nope never heard of him How easy is it to adapt these Honda cast wheels? Join Date Feb Posts But short of actual motard racing, the extra weight works well – the DRZ is still very nimble in the tight corners but definitely feels more stable overall.


If you need the dxf file for the caliper adapter plate for the Suzuki or Yamaha conversions, right click and save the dxf file here and have this cut from 6mm mild steel whees.

Low Cost Supermoto Rims? | Adventure Rider

Thanks for the direction to warp 9. I’m not a machinist.

Remember me Forgot your password? Im also looking for cheap supermoto wheels. Wheel spacers are included. Hot Topics Maintence Hello.

Get down to your Suzuki dealer and see if you can get a test ride on the DRZSM, which will give a very accurate impression of how whee,s cast motard wheels will handle.

While I am happy commuting on my E model as it is completely stock at this stage It would have to be cheap.

DRZ400 Wheels

Then read the info pack, or our frequently asked questions here, before emailing questions. Apr 23, Oddometer: The DRZ is well known for being bullet proof and needing very little maintenance, parts and aftermarket accessories are cheap, the power of the DRZE is respectable once the bike is derestricted, wheells there are plenty of aftermarket goodies to coax more horsepower out of the DRZ engine without wrecking its reliability.


On the bright side, the mock up I did the other day looked great. Thanks mate, looking forward to the pictures: You lace your own. Used 6 trackdays on roadracing course, never jumped. I just wanted a cush drive which I eventually had to weld up.

Motard Conversion 8 years, 8 months ago They do need poweder coating. We have done a few runs from Brisbane to Sydney and the bike sticks like shit to a blanket.

Oct 17, Oddometer: Internet searches so far have netted out that supermoto racers say to avoid cheap asian supermoto wheels for racing-though I dz400 yet to locate such a source. Jan 27, Oddometer: S They would have been nice on one hand as I can use the stock speedo, but on the other hand there is no cush drive and I can see the advantage that the cast rims have with the cush drive.