Pandit ji says its the night where is the groom? Shayl says you are like a sister to me. Scene 7 Kalpi is dreaming about her wedding with Raghav. Kamla says to shayl that when we call God there are no problems left. Inspector calls for backup. His mom says has she planned to stay ther forever and do the drama.

Yes Ap we shd boycott ema. A friedn comes in and says you baraat has come. Kamla takes the water bucket and puts it on the fire. You have just one day to contemplate. A password will be e-mailed to you. Last updated May 9, Story may continue but without audience ab yeh kuon dekega. Nothing interesting to watch anymore!!

Ek Mutthi Aasman Serial Zee Tv

Constable asks Manda where is your paying guests. You are so brave. Gunjan reads it out and it is episodf card of Phiu and Vicky. Scene 8 Vitthal is busy with the arrangements. Call her right now I will talk to her.

Ek Mutthi Aasmaan – Hindi Serial – Episode 185 – Zee TV Serial – Best Scene

Kalpi says where were you? Kamla says you will never change manda. She says no you should stay here. You are woman yourself. He makes here wear the garland. Kamla asks till when? He shows them a card and says he gave it to me.


Pakiya asks kamla what is going on? Kalpi came out of the shock and realizes that raghav and pakhi are married. Inspector calls for backup. Tell me where is Pihu. Gunajn says Kamla aunty thank you for saving my sister. Wahi typical story…m not interested to see all dis bakwas.

I know you will speak up. She texts Sammy to come upstairs. Kalpi says why you did this to me. Scene 3 Kamla and Shayl do the pooja. Shayl says I have to leave now. Mayank sees Shayl there. Shayl says you are like a sister to me.

Kamla says you too. Arjun joins her over. We will find her.

They show him the sketch and asks was he the one? Kamla starts moving forward. Dayal invites them in. Todays Bangalore mirror gave some little story about EMA- episde am writing it here. Pihu is here in Mumbai with Vicky she tells him the whole story. Now have to go I have so much to do. Everyone is in tears. Mon i tweeted you but u did not respond …: Shayl hugs Kamla and Pihu hugs Gunjan.


What new surprise is this now.

Kamla asks how is kalpi looking? You have just one day to contemplate. I eposode u really love me. Nat 12th May – 3: Kamla says will meet you soon. Kamla takes the water bucket and puts it on the fire.

We are not talking about actors. He asks where is Raghav he is not receiving the call? Its him who has been shot by the inspector on the leg. Vitthal says she is so happy. Story may continue but without audience ab yeh kuon dekega. Kalpi and Raghav are being done ubtan.

Kamla says yes she is not that sort of woman. They hold each others hand.

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Sign aasmazn Recover your password. Pakiya comes with all the stuff. Gunjan and cops have reach there as well. Hi chocopie ap anshu where r u all??