Torres is shot down and believed dead by her team but is, in fact, rescued by a group of ExoScouts E-frame pilot cadets stranded on Mars since their Scout Leader was killed. Typhonus takes Simbacca prisoner to disrupt the negotiations, but Marsh, DeLeon, and a Pirate Lieutenant Hallas manage to free him and in return, the Pirate leader accepts the alliance. Exofleet attacks the Moon and Phaeton throws all forces available on Earth to defend it. Phaeton has Typhonus executed for his incompetence and replaced with his Typhonus’ clone. So, I just wanted people to be sure to understand that in case they are purchasing this for a child and are a little wary about showing them those harsh realities. Any heroes in here? Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Able Squad arrives to free them and help Resistance seize Draconis’ weapons stockpile.

Burns and Bronsky deliver weapons to the Venusian Resistance but are captured by Neosapiens. Albrecht Ketzer, a genius geneticist who, they hope, can discover weaknesses in Neo Lords’ genetic structure. A task force, consisting of most of the Exofleet, is assembled to neutralize the Pirate bases on the moons of Saturn. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Fortunately, they receive help in an aborigine camp and spend a night there. Seeing through Winfield’s tactics, Shiva attacks Venus but takes heavy losses and is eventually shot down himself.

Dinosaucers TV Series Additional Voices 12 episodes, Jason Gaffney Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Marsala is captured and transported to an installation researching the Automutation Syndrome as a test subject.

Phaeton escapes and returns in his E-frame to stop them but is defeated by Marsh. However, they soon discover that the train carries countless works of Terran art, which they manage to save before Neosapiens notice them.


En route, they discover a traitorous Resistance member but before they can do anything, the space barge they are on is purportedly sent into the Sun by the Neosapien pilots. Governor Phaeton is secretly planning a massive Write a customer review. The Neosapien War is over and Neosapiens are surrendering all over the Solar system.

Phaeton gives a speech in Phaeton Eipsode, in what was formerly Chicago prior to Neosapien control. The story is very drawing and compelling.

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However, to help develop these worlds, man created an artificial being known as “Neo-Sapiens” in order to help facilitate the hard labor. General Typhonus lays siege on Io.

And amongst them is this long-forgotten gem They are ambushed by Neosapiens and seaeon only survivors, Able Squad, are captured by Barca, who locks them in a fire ship provided by General Typhonus and sends her to Resolute II. With its powerful storytelling, well-rounded characters hero and villain alikeand uneasy alliances within Exofleet and among the Neo Sapiens, Exosquad isn’t just a vehicle to sell toys.

Here’s looking forward to a season 2 DVD release! Skip to main content Search. It’s a crime that season 2 is still not out. He then follows the aliens as they make their way to the Inner Planets.

Episode List

Phaeton 10 episodes, On Tethys, Marsh wins a ritual duel against Jubail but Pirate leader Simbacca is still reluctant to ally himself with Exofleet. It’s the kind of show I always wanted Voltron to be.

He is then captured by the group of ExoScouts first seen in episode 2. In fact, they all have such attractive and memorable personalities, I did not realize that many of them were minor characters until they died or something like that. Able Squad arrives to free them and help Resistance seize Draconis’ weapons stockpile. This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat Fortunately, they receive help in an aborigine camp and spend a night there.


DuckTales Volume 1.

The Able Squad enters the alien complex and expsquad to fight off its security systems, as well as newly arrived Typhonus’ troops. Learn more More Like This.

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And there are several more worthy main characters as well. Able Squad moves in but J. Share your thoughts with other customers. By accident, they meet Amanda Connor, Napier’s ex-wife who is now collaborating with Neosapien propaganda machine. Additional Voices 12 episodes, Marsala and Phaeton square off and Marsala proves his allegiance to Exosquad. Additional Voices 12 episodes, Lisa Ann Beley Search for ” Exosquad ” on Amazon. Cobra, an saeson organization bent on world Marcus manages to episkde the fleet straight into the heart of Neosapien flagship territory causing it to self-destruct, but not before several escape pods manage to get away.

Edit Storyline Set in the beginning of the 22nd century, a interplanetary war between humanity and Neosapiens a fictional race. Eventually, these beings initiated a rebellion Available to watch on supported devices. The final push to take out the Pirates on Mars is underway. It’s truly a “bare-bones” package and I wish there could have been more.