I wanted to go to the sea. And I watch a lot of Turkish TV series. We wouldn’t know this. If you turn yourself in, you’ll serve your sentence. And we met even as grown ups whenever we had a chance. She was trying to get them out the water. Leman Namli 55 episodes,

Plot – Fatmagul who is engaged to her childhood lover Mustafa is raped by 3 rich kids in presence of Kerim under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The burden was too heavy on him. Their color has changed. I’ll call you, save my number okay? Menekse ile Halil — And less things to lose. See the trouble we are in, thanks to Uncle Lordships ingenious ideas.

Was this review helpful to you? Avukat Kadir 63 episodes, It sparks and goes out quickly.

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He loses his hope, his future, subtitlees the most beautiful days of his lives due the crime that he has never committed. Then Xucu go “What are you looking at?

You were not even in the country. Same model and the color of the car’s matching number plates are found. We’ll keep the recordings. He has a gun. This situation is tense enough anyway, don’t make it worse Ender Hanim!. My father doesn’t have to know. We kept writing to each other.


You can talk after. I’ve nothing to do with anything bad happened in the past. The way it was carried you can feel Fatmaguls pain as well her persistence to earn respect.

I will definitely recommend this to everyone. But now I am kind of scared. You cannot understand my surprise. Plot – Fatmagul who is engaged to her childhood lover Mustafa is raped by 3 rich kids in presence of Kerim under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

subtihles Meryem who is sister to Kerim also comes to Istanbul after Mustafa ransack her house searching for Kerim to take his revenge. But be careful, this is a desolate place. I was so angry, that I didn’t want you to wave good bye to me in the morning. I am so sorry, dad. Kara Para Ask — Episodes with English subs you have to click on “cc” to see the subs: Very real with happy and sad moments.

Brave and Beautiful — Posted April 22, He probably switched the transmission to neutral and pushed the car off.

Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 1 Edit Subtitles. Fatmagul has finance Mustafa who is after revenge on Fatmagul and Kerim. Just don’t close the doors because of some careless news. He said he didn’t do it with the intention of murder.


They’re talking now, but I don’t know. But I didn’t expect someone this handsome either.

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You stay out of this. Greetings, I am sorry to have come unannounced. It’s not like he’d recognize me. I’ll be back as soon as the road is clear.

They better not come here with guns. Posted May 22, You are not going to escape from it.

I can’t do it without your father’s knowledge. Don’t know, he didn’t really have anywhere when he first came to Istanbul. Fahrettin Ilgaz 35 episodes, You had told that all three suspects were at your house that night, all night. Fahmagulun, what are you two doing at this hour if you’re not sleeping, huh? Then I would have stood before him and I watched it in the movies. I swear I’ll kill you!