In Fidelis the character of Siyoyo is severely associated with witchcraft to such an extent that the theme cannot be ignored. While these are already quantitative methods I relied more on qualitative methods as they are more reliable in the Social sciences field for analyzing data. The directors partake in script writing, photography, capturing videos and directing the cast. They maintained that on the contrary women were the ones with rising cases of being violent. There was also a tendency by participants to generally agree on a single point because they would be focusing more on the entertainment aspect of the occasion rather than the research part of it. When I used it in my research area I was paying particular attention to relationships within the family and how the power dynamics are represented. Needlessly the drama Fidelis managed to embrace known tenets of the Christian religion within its plot as the drama ends with Siyoyo receiving deliverance. Data gathered through quantitative means is not very difficult to analyze as the numbers and frequency of a variable can be used as appoint of departure.

Ethnographic means of data gathering were used as Primorac A particular world view could be shared by humans who shared the same context, and that persons were bound by inter-subjectivity Byrne, ; Hunter, Hermeneutics of analysis requires a holistic approach to data scrutinization. The fact that in Fidelis, very few people were seen using mobile phones therefore may not mean that the producer of the film was making a parody of the rural communities but he was rather appreciative of the difficulties surrounding the period in which the drama was shot. Their input is relevant to my study because in Fidelis Zimbabweans are represented as highly superstitious people who belief in taboos and omens. Rural women however felt that the violence associated with men was in fact not violence but a way of correcting a wrong within the family while asserting oneself as the head of the family. Judgment sampling This approach is used when a sample is taken based on certain judgments about the overall population, Bryman,

The protruding predicament is that Western belief systems seem god ordained, legitimate and acceptable while African belief systems are subject to interrogation and associated with lack of progress. The onus mostly goes to the director who oversaw the whole shooting and directing procedure. Brandon and Meekersand Meekers conducted ethnographic studies which yielded empirical results about the culture of the Shona, particularly their marriage rites.

No matter how socially refined a society is, its members are conscious of the existence of taboos. Some even suggested that Musowe should consider releasing a sequel which would tie up all the loose ends. In other words identities are riddled with power struggles in the sense that those with more power to consume can impose identities on those who do not.

The main objective of this research was to find out how the drama Fidelis represents Zimbabwean identities.

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Some of the males still wore shorts instead of trousers. As the research unfolds it becomes clear that the point of study was no longer to just find out how a particular media product in this case the afore-stated drama portrays Zimbabwean identities but rather how the media themselves are active participants in the in identity politics, fracturing and reinstating various communities.

When I interrogated them about the aspect of unfaithulness as it is represented in the drama, many of them admitted that it was indeed wrong but their admissions were accompanied by undisguised joy as if by being unfaithful a man portrays his machomanship. The areas selected for research act as a metonym of the larger Zimbabwean population and in that regard the ideas collected would seem to be the ideas of the wider Zimbabwean population.


The representation especially of women as agents of the devil is questionable but it could be building upon traditionally acceptable beliefs about females in rural areas. Case in point, Baba Chenai who seemed not to know how to operate a mobile phone but most importantly there is no evidence of any migration or fidepis visits to town by the locals.

My concern is that whenever an academic debate becomes emotional it loses its texture and becomes a barrage of attacks on the supposed culprits that triggered the avalanche of emotions. Dgama that extent synthetic experience can be contrasted with the authentic experience where it is argued that what is synthetic is fictive and an attempt to conjure up reality from a blurry and stage managed vantage point.

This means that research to find what people in both rural and urban zi, thought was inevitable but my own perceptions and observations had to be kept away especially when conducting interviews so that I do not lead people in to repeating them to me. The representation of African women along essentialist and post modernist lines therefore takes center stage. This notion is concurred by Meekers who establishes that, marriage remains an important indicator of female status, and many women believe that an unsatisfactory marriage or a brief one is preferable to not being married at all.

Mudimbe says; Taboos contain in themselves an immanent power of sanction, and God is the sole judge. In the postmodernist understanding, cultural consumption equals the means of constructing an identity.

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For this reason they are mostly used as visual aids which are sometimes presented in different colors with each color representing a factor that needs to be explained or analyzed. The clash between the educated elite and those who are superstitious and backward on drana subject of witchcraft lives on as Chavhunduka rightly observes. The representations of reality by untrained and novice personnel are largely simplistic and too generalized.

The problem with structured questionnaires is that they tend to limit other responses that interviewees may have. They further note that in African societies, women are not afforded equal fideis as their male counterparts. Tables which generally consist of select rows and columns that are then filled appropriately with data are also crucial in presenting data for analysis.

The representation of Zimbabwean identities in the drama Fidelis. In the case of Fidelis, while it fjdelis under African film, it is also categorized under local dramas which mean linguistically, its reach has been restricted to its immediate surroundings.

Notably the drama poses religious undertones that need to be carefully analyzed, it exposes certain traditional aspects of the Zimbabwean culture such as rituals kurova guvabeliefs like witchcraft defined by the new oxford dictionary as the use of magic powers especially evil ones and practices such as traditional marriages as well as institutions like the village tribunals. Those who believed in witchcraft rated their lives significantly less satisfying than those who did not.


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Observation is therefore important as the primary research area is the way the drama tends to shape identities and portray them. It found it suitable for my research because people were freer and more express themselves once I had broken the ice.

PSL stadia ziim seven key venues condemned. Not only that but also, since all this took place at a homestead, barking dogs, passing cars and curious passersby who demanded explanations hindered the smooth flow of progress.

The production manager is also the quality manager as he is supposed to make sure that commendable products are availed for the market. I however preferred this method because it is quick, convenient and inexpensive. It is praiseworthy for audiences to be allowed to give their own interpretations of media text as this works as an empowering tool and an aesthetic for future well coordinated work in media production industries.

Focus group discussions on the other hand are useful because they created room me to communicate with a very active audience that debated issues arising from the drama as it played. These scholars are however part of the earlier schools of thought which ascribe to the effects tradition which overestimates the power of the media.

I have provided a broader discussion on the subject of marriage as a cultural subject in subsequent passages. Hall observes that representation exists in the three forms of, intentional, reflective and constructionist. To that extend, this research ceases to be just a scrutiny of the representation of Zimbabwean identities but also an inspection of the current state and condition of the Zimbabwean culture as we know it.

Stevian production failed to do this as their product was not in high definition and had no subtitles. I used the qualitative research paradigm for this study because it is concerned with understanding and classifying units of content McQuail I used the nonprobability sampling method where there is an assumption that there is an even distribution of characteristics within the population.

Again there is no assurance that each item has a chance of being included making it impossible to either estimate sampling variability or possible bias, Bryman, He was also a model par excellence in his day advertising for Black Label and a disc jockey at prominent night spots like Archipelago.

Genre which has its roots in French and Latin simply means type or kind therefore much of genre analysis involves categorization of gathered data and can therefore not be regarded an important observation. While it may not be exhaustive, subsequent chapters will built upon its frameworks and it is the purpose of this research to find out if the objectives set in this chapter as well as the research questions asked can be sufficiently answered. Bryman describes a sample as a segment of the population that is selected for research.

For example, the painting of a mountain truly reflects the mountain in the real world. I subscribe to this notion as identities are fideliz subject to constant mutation.