Count To Ten by Princess Uchiha. Chaos ensues as the fluttering of a Skylark’s wings causes typhoons halfway across the world. Kami bertemu dalam sebuah ketidaksengajaan. Sebagai ungkapan terima kasih karena berhasil mengembalikan tasnya, Vira harus mau diajak makan malam oleh Ifan. This show is a gift. Yuuri’s pretty sure he knows what’s going on, and all he really wants right now is to sleep.

Until his last visit where he has a specific bouquet in mind. Setiap bertemu pasti saling menghina dan baku hantam Lost in Translation by Miezilesca reviews Language skills open doors and smoothen paths, though sometimes, those paths lead straight downhill. Sebelum Ifan main tangan kepada Vira, tubuhnya dihadang oleh Kokom yang bertubuh ukuran jumbo. Saat itu Fandy sedang sibuk berjualan dodol buatan pemilik rumah kontrakan yang dikontrak oleh Fandy, Fandy berjualan di tepi jalan raya. Bahkan Ifan tega melempar hp Fandy ke lantai, untung enggak rusak tuh hp, cuma dampaknya jadi error yee.. Kisah yang membawa kebahagiaan. What the Earl and the Noah don’t know, is that their new family member is the very thing they seek, and has been hiding right under their noses all along.

Many characters appearing randomly.

One, he’s a guy and Two, he doesn’t know Katekyo Hitman Reborn! There were also no daily newspapers, no public transportation, no pub, no cinemas, no stadium, so boring for me as I was a citizen who liked enjoying many facilities folm. So they can develop our country to be more developed country! It took hours on ship. Special Dedicated For Naruto Birthday.

Tabgan actually have no clue where this is going, but hop on, let’s go! Hard Cover by Kesetnya Levi reviews Eren Jeager, baru saja dipromosikan sebagai seorang editor, tiba-tiba diserahi Rivaille, novelist dengan berbagai rumor mencurigakan disekitarnya.


Will Akihito ever return home to the present times?

The situation escalates from affectionate kissing to Ada kehangatan yang tiba-tiba muncul dan rasa aneh yang entah mengapa begitu dia nikmati ke bersama dengan Nagisa. Tapi lihat sekarang, ia tak bisa berhenti tersenyum mendapat semua ini.

Aya Aya Wae

I enjoyed all the facilities in the city. Tsuna can only blame his inability to refuse requests, but he’ll never understand why he attracts trouble like a magnet. All I have mentioned are kind of snacks. After being played and dumped harshly by his lover, Tsuna, a florist, resolves to never fall in love again. Diacara itu, dia bertemu dengan teman-teman lama.

Ifan diantar oleh Titin ke sebuah mall, tempat kerja Fandy yang baru. Bunda Maia bilang, mukanya mirip banget sama Tsuneo temannya Doraemon dan Nobita.

Victuuri Victor fillm Yuri Yuri!!! Sejak dipecat oleh Ifan, Fandy terpaksa berjualan dodol milik empok juragan kontrakan rumahnya. Vira dan Kokom bertemu empok pemilik kontrakan Fandy. He eventually ends up in the familiar ice skating rink to reflect and relax, in order to find out what is going on in his mind. Irwansyah was born in Jakarta on 6 March The Day Akutagawa Cared by DoubleDuece reviews A three part story of sick Atsushi, caring Akutagawa, drunk Chuuya, and maybe a saatpam Dazai in Akutagawa’s apartment in the winter, if he decides not drown himself first in the process.

Yuuri has to learn that the hard way. But, fisiknya ganteng cute gitu.

Ariefyana Fuji Lestari | FanFiction

This all changes when his father is held hostage by a mysterious beast. Too Weary of Life and Deception by amazinglion29 reviews Yuri Katsuki was weary of his idol Viktor Nikiforov after his first tfv failed attempt at the Grand Prix Final, but not for the satpma you would think. Collection of drabbles surrounding the theme: But tangwn because he thought it was obvious. Kisah yang membawa kebahagiaan.


And Tsuna felt like it was finally a place he could be himself, even with all the obstacles to come. But it doesn’t matter anymore the damaged is already done in their bond or is it? Songs in Russian by Winters Skye reviews That’s the thing about songs in a different language, the lyrics could mean something completely different than what you thought it was. Now he has to go and drag him back Lalu kemana takdir membawanya pergi?

Somehow, this leads to even more jobs and friends popping up in unexpected places. Vira menangis di rumahnya sambil makan dodol.

Senja by Amaya Kuruta reviews Bagi Nagisa, 47 detik itu berharga. Lalu bagaimana dengan Tetsuya yang dihamili muridnya sendiri? Enthrall by Watermelonsmellinfellon reviews Phichit’s little suggestion ends up carving more than just a niche into Yuuri’s life. Traumatized and broken, he could not bear to have anyone fhv him. Some people of the handsome men are descended from the Dayak tribe.

Blue Destiny by wisteria avenue reviews AU.