Lakokat is back to adminship, congratulations! Non ho ben capito l’osservazione finale sul fatto che wikipedia non sia un luogo adatto. T Fixing problems with reverting Sense addition phab: T More work on preparing QuickStatements to be run by other parties phab: T Fixed an issue with usernames being broken for Wikidata changes in watchlist and RC on Wikipedia phab: Monthly Wikidata workshop in Paris , February 16th Upcoming: On ne vidi da stoji radovi u toku, ja ne vidim da pise radovu u toku u DOS.

Welcome to the th Weekly Summary! Tutto Opere Notizie Autore Personaggio. Help translate or proofread the interface and documentation pages, in your own language! Map of libraries in Austria source Countries ranked by number of Wikidata-known people born there whose English version of the given name starts with Q or X source List of Windows games released this year source Countries with most citizens on Wikidata whose given name starts with X or Q source People entered in the Dictionary of Welsh Biography by gender and birth location source Newest WikiProjects: WikiProject ShEx Newest database reports: T Further work on supporting Senses on Lexemes – specifically persistent IDs for Senses and preventing the deletion of the last Gloss of a Sense phabricator:

If you need additional help, or if you wish serkes opt-out of future communications about this survey, send an email through the EmailUser feature to WMF Surveys to remove you from the list. ENI number srries, inflection classhas inflection classrootcreates lexeme type External identifiers: T More work on setting up permissions for Lexeme phab: T Added a constraint to blacklist values for a property phab: I wanted to say a warm “thank you!

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T Looking into adding more signals to ORES’ vandalism detection model so we can detect bad edits more accurately phabricator: Andy Mabbett Recoin measures the degree of completeness of relevant properties of a Wikidata item and suggests any relevant statements that can be added to the item.

Sustainable DevelopmentWikipedia Sources Newest database reports: T Long Lemmas in Lexemes look bad because they are not flowing to the next line and instead break the layout. T Investigate on the size of logging table phab: We apologize for the inconvenience, we’re working to get them back as soon as possible.


A draft specification for using Depicts statements on Commons is up for community feedback.

T Fixed an issue with adding sitelinks from Wikimedia Commons phabricator: T Fix an issue with Wikibase and deployments phab: Bubble chart of Indian universities with the most people ever employed by them source Graph of shared borders between certain West Bengal community development blocks source Tree map of ambassadors to India source Fictional swords source Taxa named after women scientists anieclick Timeline of red pandas source Development Improve the tools dropdown on query.

On that purpose, you can find a feedback page to express all your ideas about the Weekly Summary. T Improve placeholder text for Lexeme language and lexical category field on Special: If you want to help, you qnimeclick also have a look at the tasks needing a volunteer.

Topics for which the English Wikipedia wikilinks to the University of Virginia but the corresponding Wikidata entry does not Map of institutions where Canadian citizens got their PhD Space probes that have their own Twitter accounts source Newspapers seeries Wikidata with a recorded place of publication source Countries seriees capital city can be spelled out fiinder using letters from the country’s name source Amara taxons and their Wikispecies link source Things related to open access to research in Japan source Newest WikiProjects: Lakokat is back to adminship, congratulations!

The most noticable effect is the sereis ranking of “family name” P on items about people. AllPages and other pages phab: Over the past years, as you know, Wikidata has grown a lot. T Improve the gloss language error message phab: T Add mobile edits to Grafana phab: T Create LilyPond datatype phabricator: T More work on preparing QuickStatements to be run by other parties phab: T Add badge for good lists aniemclick Wikidata phab: T Working on adding an integer constraint phab: This is a final reminder that the Wikimedia Foundation survey will close on 23 April, T Representation and grammatical features of the form can be changed using the UI WikibaseLexeme phab: Tthanks to MarcoAurelio Implement the contemporary constraint phab: February 15th Next Wikidata meetup in Berlin: Thank you from Wiki Project Med Foundation for helping bring free, complete, accurate, up-to-date health information to the public.


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EnergyMotorsports Newest database reports: In addition you may make queries without a specified value. Ancient Greek pottery items stored in Museum St-Raymond, France source Timeline of early aviators who died in an accident source Timeline of direct-to-video sequels of theatrical movies source Music albums from Argentina source Newest WikiProjects: T Fixed an issue with usernames being broken for Wikidata changes in watchlist and RC on Wikipedia phab: T Working on merging of Lexemes phabricator: Se contribuisci a Wikipedia su commissione si applicano condizioni d’uso particolari.

You may notice the improvement in the search results output for Wikidata item. Though most country reports include Wikidata activities, highlights from this month include: Wikisource pages to representations of Wikidata items. To je vrlo nekulturno.

T When adding a new Form the spelling variant is now filled out automatically based on the Lemma’s phabricator: Feel free to try adding words and give feedback Structured Data on Commons has designs for displaying and using multilingual captions on the file page. Miyuki Sawashiro Nome in Kanji: Events IRC office hour, on May 29th at Structuring wikiprojects Press, articles, blog posts Wikidata: Buon lavoro e buon divertimento da parte di tutti i wikipediani!

P “language”Property: We will not bother you again.