Was it really necessary to get their point across? He has been impressing people with his unique imagery and emotions so far but this time will take on the task of a spy action blockbuster drama, Full Honors by Rogue. Back in the present she takes off the back cover and spots the picture of her lying next to Tae-ik and Kang-hwi. She notices his car parked outside and Man-ok hurries inside to find him, only to see Se-ryung, sipping some wine. Julia November 20, at 1:

OR it is a combination of them all. KangHwi really goes out on a limb telling Man-Ok she is really all he has in the world and expressing his devotion to her including a kiss on the nose. The successful drama actress seemed calm and relaxed in front of the press and she was honest about her answers, He seems approachable and friendly and in an odd way, the beauty that a smile creates makes it possible for you to forget how lovely he is, and instead see him as a human being. Man Ok is a goner and Kang Hwi never had even the slightest itty bitty tiny piece of rice grain of a chance. She leaves it on the table for Tae-ik but then curiosity gets the best of her. Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi! In a country widely dominated by Western and Indian lifestyles, Korean soap operas, dr,

I mean, treatment like this is “Taming of the Shrew” kind of manipulation that can really hook a person into submission. He is going to take on the role of idol good looking, witty and friendly idol singer Won Kang-hwi in the drama ” Full House 2 “. An official at J. It may be just a personal thing, but men referring to women as cute in an infantile way reaally rubs me the wrong way. Plus wanted his house back. Tune Entertainment] Asian superstar Rain has successfully wrapped up his Osaka concert over the weekend, according to a press release by J.

Speaking of, Kim Seong-su was equally brilliant in this series. But that theory was dropped because they have hugged and kissed and they probably should feel that way then too, right?

We finally know the reason why of that crazy hair: The pan-Asian pop sensation Bi Korean word for rain revealed in a television interview that he is contemplating two Hollywood roles as his next project. And I am glad I did see all of it. He puts her to back to work on the vegetable garden.


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He had tried to stop her from leaving Full House, maybe even willing to give her the benefit of the doubt after seeing her kiss Kang-hwi. She stops and silently encourages him to continue digging.

Tune Entertainment] The title song to Korean entertainer Rain ‘s new album due out next month will be a ballad named “Love Song”, according to his agency J. I am a bit behind in the watching though, they are all ready on episode coming this weekbut the great thing with streaming is that you can watch when ever you want to! Heroines of popular television dramas are reflecting this societal change. Maybe I’m envious of his perfect, poreless, flawless skin?

HanCinema’s Official Facebook group will keep you updated on the latest in Korean movies and dramas! She lost her mom not to long ago too… Time pases and they both grow up in different worlds, Su-Ho under a new name Jae-Ha and he becomes a famous piano-player.

If Tae-ik was dressed beautifully and had pretty hair, I wonder if we would be looking for his personality to get better.

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I’m not watching this one – just reading the recaps, but oh ful hair Amazing Love Instrumental He is set to return to the Korean music scene with his special album due out April 7 featuring the title track “Love Song”, the dramacrrazy in two years since releasing his last studio album “Rainism” in And is it just me, or are they really white? So’s and Han’s new film “Always” opened in Bangkok the following weekend.

I agree, gummi, Tae-ik is the best part of this show. Just then, Man-ok appears with a big bowl of bibimbap to share.

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He seems approachable and friendly and in an odd way, the beauty that a smile creates makes it possible for you to forget how lovely he is, and instead see him as a human being. Later she finds his hotel, but Jang is not answering her phone anymore, he left it in his room when he went out with his coworkers. In ” Coffee House “, director Pyo Min-soo tries to “prove that this drama is different from previous fyll by bringing realistic elements of a sitcom into the show such as incorporating the actor’s real-life personalities and props.


It cracks me up that there are more comments on this recap about the hair than the plot. His hand still appears blurry to his eyes and he wonders if he should go back to the hospital.

She then goes to the second one, and then the third one… Oh I laughed so much! I wanted to stimulate the listeners through my eyebrows, vest, leather pants draacrazy hat which are impossible to match with the bling bling music. Each episode will be set in the past, present and future of the city of Busan, Korea.

How long does he plan on treating her like a ghost?

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Having starred in the KBS drama “, Kang-hwi lies on his couch in the dark with his arm outstretched. It showes love, and trust, and I can recomend you to see it! Now Kang-Hwi has his secrets, like his Mom, and his personal tragedies that he is dealing with like his eyesight, his injured leg, his job loss.

What started out as a strong beginning stood at a standstill somewhere in the middle, but thanks to the actors’ brilliant performance, the series came through quite magnificently.

We would be just like the pans and sigh watching him. Tae-ik leaves the table without a word and Man-ok shoots Se-ryung death glares. You can watch My tutor friend 2, he get girl in the end: Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: