Became his fan after Koyla. I could read “his” words in his eyes Tout simplement parce que c’est une belle histoire avec ses joies et ses peines! Madhuri shows in the songs her excellent ability in dancing. My first thought was “Yeah – what a movie”! Geeta , Jan 24,

What do you like or dislike about the movie “Koyla”? Wafa , Mar 6, Geeta , Jan 24, However can anyone tell me what the big confrontation with the baddie in front of the mine workers was about? Shahrukh give an amazing and powerful performance, running with the dogs, beeing like a slave and then turning out to be a sort of Rambo and then again acting so gentle and loving with his lady love. My favourite song in this movie is “Ghunghte mein chanda hai”.

Ghunghte Me Chanda Hai. AlanaJun 23, It was amazing how without saying a word, srk dominated more than half of the movie just by his intese look in his eyes and his performance.

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I like he sentence when he saays that he is ashamed of his fathers behaviour. I liked the final confrontation between Vhunghte and Rajasaheb. Madhuri shows in the songs her excellent ability in dancing.

Like you’ve said, without any word, his expressions and his eyes can reveal his tougths, his emotions and I was able to feel so much for and with him!

Loved Madhuri and Shahrukh’s chemistry! She’s so innovent too and love the scenen when they meet for the first time and she tells him, that she fell in love with him and that he betrayed her.


He can run my emotions in every direction!!

Meghna04Jan 24, Even that girl see him only as an object. NathalieSep 2, For a glimpse of the beautiful face,not just the heart is he willing to give up ,but one is prepared to give up his life too as well. His movies rely more on gimmicks, marketing stunts and publicity than any substance nowadays. His passion for the craft used to show in his earlier movies Yes for the songs is to say, I like them, there are better one but they not bad.

Became his fan after Koyla. WedaFeb 15, So what do we need for a good film?

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His character was a really good picture for people which are in such a situation, you’re thankfull to someone and at the end this is the person who betrayed you. Dans ce film il est vrai chznda ne parle pas beaucoup mais ses mimiques et ses gestes sont incroyables!

And she looks so pretty, even in this chaos. Shahrukh and madhuri were fantastic in the movie.

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It’s only a pity that Bollywood is now trailing behind Hollywood and becoming more westernized in its film presentations. I cried so much when those nice people rescue and cure him, when he fights for his revenge, I did believe every step men this story. And the story was very beautiful too. He’s just repeating those line’s.


Cristina4himJun 20, Even Johny Lever is so different from his normal way, that I love to watch him, in this movie. This is one of mdin favorite movies.


Browse Movie Titles Alphabetically: I love these film! And I love Amrish when he says every time “Bloody fool” this is so great.

I’ve only watched this without subtitles too and followed it pretty well just reading a summary. I liked when the whole mountain fell on Shankar and he came storming out all black. I wanted to hug him and make him better! And Madhuri she’s brilliant as every time. Shah Rukh is the best. Disclaimer Privacy Policy This page was generated in 0. I felt so sorry for him. Koyla was the first time I ever layed eyes on Shahrukh Khan, so