In sonbarsa the postman brings the divorce paper and Rambachan asks Dhani to read it. She says I m fine and happy. I want everyone gets a daughter like Lajjo. He says if you have a dad like him, any girl of this village would study. Sign in Recover your password. Gunjan says what happened to him.

She says that after a few days she will get engaged and will be leaving for London. Lajjo gets her hand off and says I know you will attempt to control him, I will keep my eyes on you, I will uncover you when correct time comes. She says I never asked you anything, then why do you think I m not happy. He sees the red rose in the vase and throws it in the dustbin. The man says I will see you and leaves. They have a cute argument.

On Mar 28, Saraswati sees the tight hold check on her hand, as Jasmine held her.

Nikhil slowly realizing what Lajjo meant for him in Gustakh Dil

Nikhil and Rishi are content that Lakhi learnt recreations so soon. Inder says no sky, no water, only on the ground. She says you will dependably guxtakh a child for me regardless of the possibility that you get old.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Her mum comes to her and says you are so adamant, your books burnt and you are still studying. Newer Post Older Post Home.

He says princess dream. Djl says she does not like the veil that much. She will stay alone as always. Lajjo stops a man from meeting Kajri.

Gustakh Dil 25th March Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Lajjo asks her to ask Nikhil will he talk to her. Such a good girl she is and everyone are talking against her, everyone should be ashamed as she have saved their families. He says did I ask her to wait, I want her to be happy, but I m hurt as she was in hurry to move on away from me, we all were worried about divorce papers, she would have signed in minutes, and I m hurt here.


Her dad says Lajjo wants to study further but the villagers does not want her to study and are troubling us, someone burnt her books yesterday. Adhiraj have tea and says if you are getting late, you can go. The man says I will see you and leaves. Lajjo says am I a child. Samrat asks whats your problem, till when will she wait for you, why are you not happy, you are doing this engagement with your happiness.

She says will we go there. She says what about our daughters. She says if he likes it then….

Rosy says I have to think. He says Lajjo has full right to study. Baba comes and everyone greets him. Barkha is searching for writtne book and asks Rina who has revamped the books. He says if you have a dad like him, any girl of this village would study.

Vustakh say it will be a meeting on Lajjo, as you have gone against the village. She deceives her and gets some information about the dish. Inder says this is idiotic ideas.

Kajri asks her to help her out of her problem as her parents are looking for a groom for her. She says you got me home, in the wake of investing night at the stream, nobody trusted us, individuals felt what they have seen, nobody epislde us that time, its misconstruing. Lajjo at her home thinks about Nikhil.


She says move on in life and your future will be good, I have expectations from you, I know you will achieve good things in life. He lies to his wife and says its about something else. She says he will scorn you and overlook you.

They have a cute argument. How stands for her against his parents. Lajjo and everyone are happy. Please enter your comment! Jasmine holds her hand and says Nikhil will love me, this is my guarantee to you. The latter asks Lajjo what is disturbing her if ever the Panchyat… Lajjo nods no and saraswati tells her to go inside to rest.

Gustakh Dil 28th March Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

She asks why are you being so nice to me. The panchayat decides after hearing everyone that Lajjo will study further. Nikhil should have become happy knowing this, but he gets angry.

In the dispensary Bansi tells lajjo mxrch talk with putti parents, but Lajjo says that they will never pay heed to her.