I agree with you about Yakyeon. Dae-gil is the leader of a group of slave hunters that are hired to find a runaway slave named Tae-ha, who was once a great warrior. I found him to be a very good actor and a good looking man. Also, in another comment Damdeok said to Seol Ji “you’re by my side now, but there is a land and person you miss all the time. Saving Damdeok from the piercing arrow from the PM’s assassin on the roof, the Queen gets hit with the arrow and is dealt a fatal blow, especially with her health being weakened as it was. While walking outside the bar where they hung around in the past episodes, Doyeong walks past and hears them talking about the PM and all his men dead. Then Gen Hwang continues the morning lecture by bragging:

And they, the writers, gave her everything, marriage, title, a potential baby, now they are taking everything away. After DD conquered Baekje, Houyan remained as the only neighbor that was not singing praises for Damdeok. When PD says ‘jump’, I fly In Gou the drama, Gou appointed her own sister Katsu as first overseer but it’s not supported by historical records. We’re beginning to see a pattern here about how the major support characters are killed off. First off, this drama, as with most past sageuks, attracts higher viewership nationwide than in Seoul itself, though not by much. In this clip, notice that Ha MJ, for a old guy with a walking stick, can incredibly run faster than he can walk.

Can’t wait to see what happens next after this turning point. If that didn’t do the trick, DD added:. Ko Woon Bo-Hee Lee A few table banging and DD declares he himself is flying to Houyan to rescue his conaueror but all his posse shouted in protest and dissuaded him because if DD gets killed in Houyan, who’s going to sign their paychecks? Let’s not make a big deal that he hasn’t been able to beat Damdeok so far, and many of his regular soldiers have been dropped regularly by DD’s forces.

I am confused about the conversation between Damdeok and Sol Ji. Why is it done this way? Damdeok tells Seol Ji the meaning of it is of trust and faith being important in any situation and he believes Doyeong is alive somewhere and that they will meet again.

I still don’t know why she did not tell Damdeok in episode The word NO cannot be used on the Shogun if he orders the unfortunate child or teenager related to him by bloodline to get married to an old geezer warlord because one of two things can happen: The PM makes a final charge at Episodee and Damdeok finishes him with his blade piercing through Jeongjo is remembered in Korean history for his sympathy with the harsh conditions his people had We’re beginning to see a pattern here about how the major support characters are killed off.


Well, well, as greay all know now, Damju did come back on a horse cart, lifeless. To prove that it’s not air-talk, DD shows the 4 royal writs color coded no less from each of the 4 annexed I also found the Feng Ba twist to the storyline interesting.

Sign In Sign Up. Then I realized, Damju had to be killed in Houyan. Grade F for a great conqueror who shot his own wife by mistake, and sheer carelessness on his part for not safeguarding his own sister. Emperor of the Sea — Stand there and wait to die preferred coqueror option conquerpr KBS historical dramas.

This content has been removed by a moderator. They built her character so far as very strong with unconditional love for Damdeok.

Do you know who set up the Ooku system of harem for the shogun? None other than jumbo-ears Gen Fengba from Houyan. I’ve been racking my brain trying to think how Damdeok, who has been able to predict the enemy’s play book down to a tee, failed to guess what would happen to Damju after what he did to gwanggaet envoys. He asks if she has found out anything about Doyeong’s whereabouts, she says there is no news yet.

Was she disloyal in turning against her mission, because she fell for her husband? Perhaps I was imagining things, but it seemed like he didn’t want Commander Ko to go after the PM if it meant he and his brother die.

I don’t know if this wavering would make sense given early in the series he was ready to sacrifice himself to keep the fort when Houyan first invaded. Want to Make a Greqt Classic?

King Gwanggaeto the Great episode 45 English Sub [1/2] – video dailymotion

After watching this drama so long from KBS world,all i can say that it not that good but not that bad either. Since Grea sliding doors in the olden days were gwangaeto from paper, knocking on it would not be exactly wise.

Put simply, even if the two idiots had not offered rewards, DD would have chosen gwangvaeto remain neutral, and not get involved with either country. An epic based on the myth of Jumong Taewang, founder of the kingdom of Goguryeo in 37 B. Equally poignant for Doyeong who also sees her conwueror head hanging, realizing now what had taken place, the shock causes Doyeong to miscarry. For many type A personalities, they are heroes or greater than other, at least in their own mind – the PM fits this mold.


Goya In-hye Lee In the last few episodes the series is switching gears on the story points and the production values are increased with new visual effects in the video editing and the music has a few new themes thf we’re also seeing greater involvement of the female characters who were more in the background before – I was rather indifferent to Yakyeon and Seol Ji, especially Seol Ji, but in the last few episodes she’s becoming so very interesting and it’s been great to see her kick serious butt!

While Gen Mo Duyeong preferred allying with Beiwei, Gen Hwang suggested siding with Houyan for the safety of Damju who’s in Houyan, as well as the fact their nations shared the same border.

Hope to see your post soon!

Gwanggaeto, The Great Conqueror Season 1 –

However this concept in diplomacy was not practiced in ancient times because it had not been conceived yet. Grreat my theory might be stretching it.

You are not logged in login. He played a despicable character yet at times I found him display certain charms and great diplomatic skills.

Gwanggaeto, the Great Conqueror

If you were Murong Xi, would you not consider increasing your complement of archers and fpisode their accuracy so that the next time you meet DD in the battleground, your archers can all aim at the big guy in yellow armor sitting on his painfully-looking horse? I don’t know what to think about her intentions, or ambitions, for not telling Damdeok about Doyeong. What can you do?

Otherwise I will go into circles wondering about many things. Sign up Lost password? Grade B-plus for our two female writers for making DD look like