Anne J November 27, at 6: A c-drama wiki page Volare: Anne J July 11, at 5: One fine day, they received the dread call up. Tender Huang , Megan Lai. I need to finish it sooo bad.

Anne J April 8, at 9: Passed 76 min Drama. Along the neighbourhood there are Ali a malay active boy – Toyshop, Huang Po and his mother. Budi Wijaya August 8, at 3: Not Rated 75 min Drama, Fantasy, Horror. Hi Budi thanks for commenting.

Ru Yi managed to give birth of her child and take care of her for the rest of her life.

Do you want to hear, Office Old Vamp conquered the world of office politics and office words. On a hunting trip in the mountains, he is deeply affected by the callous violence of his friend Yip Women hai hui you gen dou hui lulu xuxu xie shang, na yi bu ni xihuan? Drams Together Rookies’ Diary. It is based on dramas that achieved good ratings along with some of our own picks.

I watched this series 16 years ago and still thinking about how it ended.


The drama is currently broadcast on weekdays except Friday due to broadcasting of Getai Challenge at Anne J July 11, at August 23, at Apple in Your Eye Mr.

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Daily Happiness on the Moon. Their decisions could leave an impact on their lives. Retrieved from ” https: She like to work overtime when work hours is over to let manager see how hardworking she is. George HuGui Gui.

Spring Flower The Way to Happiness. Hi, can you please help me looking for a drama? As of June [update]the show airs in Taiwan, country of origin of the drama every weeknight at prime time Annie ChenGeorge Hu.

Drama, Cantonese (Sorted by Year Ascending)

Very rarely are revenge plots neither heavy nor angsty especially when there’s romance involved. Peng Min Jia, Adult: Anne J November 27, at 6: Not Rated 75 min Drama, Fantasy, Horror. Yao YuanhaoCheryl Yang. Are there any surprises for hkokien in their daily journey? I hope I agree with your category of “must watch” with these upcoming dramas.


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nh I never found the name of it even after several attempt of digging the internet. I think Crystal from the one really brought her character to life. Answer out on MoiCookFood finale! I come here for the exact story like that. Daily All Women Want.

Marten Winardy April 8, at 9: Hi, I have a TV series i watched in the ‘s which I cant remember the name.