Obviously the cast play a series of inept characters that are caricatures of every action film character. Michelle Rodham Huddleston Miguel Ferrer Jay Koch as Ronald Reagan. In this far-off retreat, the monks have “taken a vow of celibacy, just like their fathers and their fathers before them. President Benson joins the escapees, and the evacuation team lifts off; Saddam is about to shoot down the chopper when Topper and Ramada get rid of extra weight in it by pushing a piano out the open door, which crushes him. Views Read Edit View history. Unscramble this movie title: Ed Beheler as Jimmy Carter.

I love how completely bonkers the action sequence gets trying to lampoon classic action set pieces Some of the makeup effects are really nicely done too, clearly the budget for this was much beefier than before. While the squad evacuates the hostages, Topper enters Saddam’s palace and runs into the dictator himself, who pulls out his machine pistol and commands Topper to surrender. Connections Spoofs Star Wars: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are many instances when the film is too obvious in its attempts at humor. Jane Butenoff as Slim Woman at Banquet. Unlike the first Hot Shots!

Lloyd Bridges as Tug Benson. They parachute into an Iraqi jungle close to the heavily guarded hostage camp and set off to meet their contact, who turns out to be Topper’s former love, Ramada Golino.

Is nothing sacred to the makers of Hot Shots! Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth.

The videogame high score text that pops up on screen telling us the body count and what other ultra violent adult movies the movie now equals and consequently tops, is totally inane but admittedly clever. Part Deux were generally favorable, although not to the extent of its predecessor. Hhot Rodham Huddleston Miguel Ferrer Lloyd Bridges is always good for multiple laughs. Unscramble this movie title: No, I was just offering him a young lady.


Topper Harley Lloyd Bridges Not shotd is there a lot of lampoonery going on its all of high quality, pretty much all of the jokes still hit their target even to this day.

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Stuart Proud Eagle Grant as Geronimo. Movis Lew as Kick Boxer Opponent. Feb 4, Rating: Anyhow this is where Sheen shines as he runs around this enemy camp doing a Schwarzenegger ‘Predator’ if anything and gunning down hordes of armed soldiers without getting deeux scratch. Obviously the cast play a series of inept characters that are caricatures of every action film character.

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Alternate Versions The film has had a checkered UK censorship history.

Hot Shots! Part Deux 1993 F.U.L.L H.D

Sequel to Hot Shots! A rogue star pilot and his trusty sidekick must come to the rescue of a Princess and save the galaxy from a ruthless race of beings known as Spaceballs. The entire scene is chock full of brilliant little visual gags, childish gags and some genuinely clever comedy, naturally it all ends in a farcical bit of slapstick but its all really well directed.

Unlike the first Hot Shots!

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Rowan Atkinson as Hayman. Some of the makeup effects are really nicely done too, clearly the budget for this was much beefier than before. The story lacks any sophistication, which is perfectly a-ok for a film of this caliber; so much so, that watching the first installment isn’t a requirement. Full Cast and Crew. Retrieved from ” https: For its original cinema release, 54 secs were cut for a 12 certificate, removing all footage of nunchakus during the Rambo scene and editing the spoof Basic Instinct sex scene in the apartment.


Ryan Stiles as Rabinowitz. Mark Shotts as Adrian Messenger. May be you should save it for the day your sole mate dies Perry as Singing Waiter.

Lieutenant Frank Drebin discovers that his ex-girlfriend’s new beau is involved in a plot to kidnap a scientist who advocates solar energy. One night, an American special forces team invades Saddam Hussein ‘s Haleva palace and a nearby prison camp to rescue captured soldiers from Operation Desert Storm and to eliminate Saddam, but they find the Iraqis prepared for them, and the entire rescue team is captured.

Tony Edwards as Limo Parg.

Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Richard Crenna has a small part but his send-up of his Rambo character is super sweet, love his prison cage escape vioooz with Sheen. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Jan 1, Full Review…. The Saddam jokes get a bit tired by movie’s end.