Can he do it? Favourite movie of all time. I liked his battle of wits with Cha Don even though I think he was taken down to easily. She adds that they ended up like this because of their own greed and obsession. Woken me up completely! Reka April 10, at 3: Prosecutor Kwon shows off to the crowd, smiling to the crowd that the truth will be revealed and justice will prevail. Armed with knowledge and money for ammunition, both sides wait to ambush the other.

Who says we can’t love kdramas as well as 80s cult classic movies? Both removals felt blase to me. I didn’t know that. Hwang Jung Eum Main Cast. They were able to put together one of the best dramas this year! Hyuk was a little bit more clued in than she was but not too much so.

Se Gwang, is one of a kind.

Glad epsiode writing poetry to get connected with that side. Go In Bum Supporting Cast. For me the turning point was when Cha Don got his conscience and became someone I could root for. I loved the dualities, nobody was ‘good’ or ‘bad’ well, maybe the Evil Cheating an Murderous Dad is an exceptionbut instead the show explored the large gray area between those two extremes.

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This shows does give us a protagonist-antagonist pair that r awesome. Got his good, I was satisfied but Daddy Gwon? Prosecutor Kwon belatedly catches wind about the matter soon after he hands over his Yellow Sea Savings Bank shares to Boss Bok, much to his chagrin.


Alas, it looks like the first-love-rule will win. Se-kwang wraps his hand over one of the fallen bullets and loads his gun. Whoa what a good episode.

So much for keeping knowledge of Mom’s disease from her to make her tough The team is always working on ways to get more content up on Viki. Carole, the most perfect example of an ordinary and imperfect heroine for me is Lee Soon Shin from the weekend drama.

This may be the romantic in me talking, what do you guys think? And while Cha-Don was the physical main character, the real main characters were money and greed. I’m thinking in the end that the women’s badassery will show up.

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I would have loved it better if she is monye and able to reciprocate. I mean, did she disappear off the earth for a couple of months while she was gaining weight by helping her mom eat every cake in Korea? I’ll just say that when it comes to stories, the main plot always carries the action and the subplots always carry the theme.

I liked the show in the beginning but loved it by the end. But, as it turns out, it also can be one of the most corrupt professions, with plenty of opportunities to shake down gamblers and pocket some extra cash.

I love it so much Not one to cry over what should have ben – i am still hoping that there will be redemption and the writers will come up with something amazing for our two female leads.


And they showed his six pack body Chief Prosecutor Jo approaches the man to officially arrest him and Prosecutor Kwon offers his hands up to be handcuffed right then and there. Not into any rom coms right now.

But strong men are different. I found myself not always hating them, but wondering what decision I would’ve made in their shoes. But he roars at her to shut up and to leave him be. He realised that he has lost but i am not sure that he was sorry for all that he has done. I’m still waiting for her redemption arc but it if seem likely that the writers will deliver it. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

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They were able to put together one of the best dramas this year! I didn’t know that.

What really stood out to me about IOM is that it wasn’t about the revenge of a man against another bad man.