Find out on the next Dragon Ball Z! Then her life changes in the blink of an eye. When a mysterious young man arrives, he becomes her only hope and their own story of connection unravels among the chaos. A Sailor Moon R Twist. She is trying to fit in, but everyone hates her because she still hasn’t confirmed her gender. Or will their foe destory the world as they know it? Untold Saga by lilDBZbuddy89 reviews Focussing on the ten year gap between Buu and Uub, which was historically seen as a decade of calm and prosperous times. Queen Serenity’s Story by groundedreamer reviews We know the story of Usagi a.

Our fan of the week is Rated T for swearing. She comes to them with a heavy heart after a tragic accident had killed her husband and child. But the Imperial Silver Crystal is not on the agenda, the enemy wants the Scouts destoryed once and for all. But those feelings change when, Kinoko, comes crashing into his life. Who is this saiyan and why does he look like Bardock?

But she isn’t a monster nor human. Can she sort out her past and current lives and fulfill her duty? Amber days by AmberChapkowski reviews Amber lee moves to japan and just so happens to meet all the school days characters.

Infinite Stratos Episode 6 English Dub

Will she ever go back to the scouts and her Prince. The Daughter of a Saiyan: Takes place before the Cell Games. Now compelling evidence shows that this decade was not as peaceful as it seemed Yte, she feels lonely as there is one thing her Husband can not give. Resonance by baby-kitsune9 reviews Gohan held many secrets. What is this rivalry between him and Seiya?


See rewrite for adoption stuff.

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What if things turned out much differently to the events of DBZ? Seasom even a new love Starts in episode 43 of the dub strztos the number in author’s note. Sonata decided to start a new life and go to school. Cell, Frieza and the RR army are after her and her astral power.

He tutors her in history and she tutors him in math can they also teach each other to get over their predjudice and learn that species doesn’t make a person?

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S Betrayer who follow Maeda Atsuko the14th after sacrifice his right hand. I hope you enjoy, please review! Jim feels more for Minako than friendship.

Rated T, just in case. That is until Gaara appears much later in the story, sadly. Episodf Ball Z – Rated: While traveling, she gets lost and comes face to face with Rafiki who to help her fit in changes her into a lioness.

T for safty later on.

What’s even stranger is the being is a seven year old human boy. Takes place somewhere between Chapters not sure exactly where. She just believes that Kukai is just a guy.

Hopefully you will all enjoy this one better then my original.

This is the story of Arata’s pain and torcher that she goes through over 16 years. My Sratos Best Friend by KogaxAyame’s cub reviews Serena is a college student living with her older brother, Will, to escape their family.

Who is she and who will stop at nothing to get rid of her? Interviews With Sailor Seson by Mermain reviews Two sailor moon lovers decided to kidnap the sailor scouts and interview them!


One that he would gladly die to protect. This is about two OC students, unnoticed by the anime, and how they affect the story from the background. I Like You, I Think by idkreally reviews In a epixode to find herself quite literallyyear-old Arishima Akane ends up in Otonokizaka Academy, where she meets adorkable people, becomes a school idol group’s manager and comes across wacky experiences, and maybe romance?

Watch as Chia joins the battle and finds out what it’s like to be a hero. Miyanaga Teru’s Hax Play! Nightmares and Memories by enlyasurgeon Side story to Wishes.

A Glorious Past by x-kali-x reviews We all know how the story ended, but how did it begin? Time is Tomorrow by yurifics reviews this is one-shot pf k-on, tell me if you’ll like more of these stories, because am mostly going to be writing scary or dark stories soonmio is out of ideas for writing songs and is tired, she wants to go to sleep, but her body as other ideas K-ON! But from whom and why? She never shows how she feels. Celera, the daughter of Kori and of the Saiyan monster Broly, arrived on Earth to discover the cruel intentions of Dr.

Just like what the sewson Kotobuki Tsumugi had been hiding in her. Just In All Stories: