Later, Arnav disappoints Lavanya by speaking against marriage. Nani refuses to talk to Khushi. An angry Arnav follows her and breaks her mobile phone when she refuses to acknowledge his presence. Khushi makes Nani happy by telling her about her plans to make diyas. Anjali asks Khushi about their fight. But Arnav then asks her to leave the house. What will he do?

Later, Shyam tries to steal Arnav’s locker key. What will Khushi do? Arnav and Khushi are stunned to see each other in the office. Khushi decides never to speak about Shyam. Arnav thinks Khushi is crying to gain his sympathy. Later, Khushi irritates Arnav by using Nanda Kishore as her weapon. Later, he orders food for everybody, but Madhumati pays for it from her savings.

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Khushi realises the problems at home and decides to deliver the sweets to Arnav’s house. When Arnav and Khushi fight again, Nani compels Dooj to stay with his family during the fancy dress competition. Payal’s efforts to impress her with her favourite dishes fail.

What will Khushi do? Arnav tells Anjali that he suspects Khushi was forced to get engaged. She imagines herself and Arnav as a couple. Madhumati is shocked on learning about the ring and asks Khushi to look for it.

Anjali leaves a voice message for Arnav. Manorama is not happy that Naniji has ordered her to attend a function. Meanwhile, Khushi is looking for Arnav to tell him the truth about Shyam. Khushi’s lipstick and scented handkerchief leaves Arnav furious. Nani asks Arnav to give a solid reason behind his decision and refuses to let Lavanya go. Payal invites Aakash to have tea with her parents. Naniji overhears their conversation and is very curious. In the morning, Anjali takes Khushi to the kitchen, to which Manorama objects.


Khushi feels completely out of place when she goes to meet Lavanya Kashyap at office.

Arnav asks Khushi to pay

Later, Akash asks Payal to meet him for the last time. Arnav sends Payal and Akash’s divorce papers to Khushi. Later, Arnav accuses Khushi of trying to impress playr family for property. Anjali and Nani demand an explanation for their sudden wedding. Raizada family is desolate after the wedding ceremony. Shyam is displeased to see Arnav and Khushi together.

Shyam shamelessly challenges him to do so.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

Meanwhile, Shyam misbehaves with Khushi. His wife, Anjali, is waiting for him to turn up for the puja.

Everyone is happy as Akash thanks her for accepting Payal. Khushi warns Shyam to stay away. Meanwhile, Arnav feels dizzy while watering the plants. Sinha decides that the building is in a bad condition and may collapse any moment. Arnav rushes home when Manorama informs him of Anjali not keeping well. Shyam tries to fix the marriage dates.


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Interestingly, Buaji asks Shyam about his family. How does Arnav react?

Meanwhile, Arnav laughs when Khushi apologises to him for being rude. Madhumati tells Arnav about Khushi and Preethika’s close friendship.

Nani is furious when Lavanya drops the sweet dish which she had prepared for Shyam. Akash buys a dupatta that Payal was eyeing in the market. Will she tell him pyaad truth about Shyam? Arnav feels guilty for accusing Khushi.

Arnav kisses Khushi and challenges her to kiss him back. He asks Khushi for her driving licence. Arnav leaps to rescue Khushi from a speeding car. Meanwhile, Arnav and Khushi fight to sleep on their favourite side. She then decides to epieode for Laxmi.