Song Ji Hyo is such a bitch Episode 29 – one of the show’s best “Find the Guest” episodes with comedian Kim Byung Man, with some pretty funny games throughout. Than Amber would have been my first choice. He may have not won the game but at least he’s first in the race! So, while waiting for the next episode, I give you the download link for the BGM for each character!! Hi, does any1 know the music backgroud for episode when they choose the card to rip the tag. I already edit my post..

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I really appreciate people like you! Park Shin Hye Cameo. May i know bgm at RM 70 minutes Does anybody know Kwang Soo another soundtrack? I have been searching for a long time but still cant find it. Although, I would have liked it to have been Amber. Was Hillary home, sitting next to an empty bottle of chardonnay while blubbering and watching Trump give the SOTU address?

Download Running Man Episode –

Seriously, Gary is the worst Seeker ever. That was such a funny game.

Which Running man episode? Gah, I knew that eagle eye would come to bite you in the ass, Jong-kook. I watched this raw and it was still funny as usubs even though I barely understood the conversations except for bits and pieces of words.

I’ve never seen a RR that didn’t crack me up – every show has a ending in the chase segments that makes me laugh until I cry. But seriously — when have you ever seen the cast eat a meal comfortably?


Lee Joon Gi Cameo. Thank you so muchhh.!! I mean, I like the female guests but it’s uncomfortable seeing all the guys being all over them and Ji Hyo becomes unwanted. Tell Me if at least one of the link is broken.

runbing Are you the director? In eposode Running Man fashion, Luna darts to their next location with Sulli trailing behind her, attributing her inability to run to her sudden growth spurt. Jong-kook assures Luna that a piggy-back ride from Kwangsoo will be similar to an amusement park ride.

Haha and Suzy roam around in order to find a hiding rnuning and they end up in the same room Spartakooks is in. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He heads out and the speakers blare the Hide-and-Seek rhyme.

Can someone pls tell me the ost in ep 96 when iu appears? Watching the other teams dance is just as comical. And I think watching Haroro dance will make any day brighter. I can’t wait to see the eng-subbed version.

Running Man

I really appreciate people like you! Hey guys do you know the song played ep when haha and sukjin eat together?

Should state the part where Jihyo piggybacked Gary. August 14, at 6: Im also looking for BGM at eps minute 3.


I know part of it has to with her not speaking fluent Korean, but still, at this point dub probably as good with Korean as Victoria.

I love how petty the Commander was.


Lagunya judulnya apa ya?? Joo Ji Hoon Cameo. Yayyyyyy thank u so much for the links!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Does anybody know Kwang Soo another soundtrack?

Indah Nurul Hikmah: Daftar Bintang Tamu Running Man Complete

I was hoping for both but that one in particular was bugging me. But he has a sixth sense for Ji-hyo because he chases after her and gleefully breaks the paper chain between Ji-hyo and Suk-jin. Ani August 14, at 4: Haha and Suzy succeed and head out of the restaurant to their next destination.

Song Ji Hyo is such a bitch Anyone know the mzn lee kwang soo BGM?