A lot of problems will be avoided in the future this way. People are not looking for private details they are questioning why the two stories didn’t match. JP doesn’t really OWE anyone anything. Aureylian Aureylian And I will continue to hope that one day, Steven will return to Rollplay in one way or another. These channels may feature Mature content. Also some content creators encourage the fanaticism in their fanbase but that’s a whole ‘nother topic

Fake news, unfounded accusations that are then stated by people as true because the accused did not respond to them, etc. First and foremost, my thanks to JP for addressing this issue in such a way that, as a fan who came in during the Steven era of the Rollplay brand, is more at ease at the situations involved that led to the two entities separating ways for the time being. Man, I bet he’s put so many things in his mouth since the last WM we may need a dedicated preshow to cover them. I agree that personal things are none of the community’s business more than when absolutely necessary, and when things happen that sometimes have at least partially personal reasons things can be difficult to address. Reddit trolls and their conspiracy theories didn’t spawned these accusations and questions it was the broken communication between the two. These channels may feature Mature content. I’m glad you two have cleared things up between the two of you; really that’s the most important thing I think. Sorry but it was very public.

I thought this forum message conveyed things far better than the rather awkward interview Cohh did of both JP and Adam when the Patreon announcement came drsma on Dropped Frames where, admittedly, I felt questions regarding Steven and his involvement in the brand just left me unsatisfied at the answers given at the time particularly when at the time it seemed to have caught Steven ktmejp by surprise at the time if I recall his twitter posts correctly.

Kyorlinn Kyorlinn I think there’s a fine line between being a “fan” and being “fanatical,” and my interpretation of your post is that you’re describing fanatical people.

JP McDaniel

Will be honest the thing i wanted to read the most was that you guys are still talking and friends which seems to be the case and for which i am very glad.

He provides a service, a free one at that, and it’s up to us whether to consume it or not and if we do, if choose to chip in some extra coin for additional services in his case such as early access VoD’s or the occasional shirt then it’s on us but he as a content creator had fulfilled his duty.


I can’t speak for JP on any of this, and it’s fully my own opinion, but as an entertainer and public figure myself, I know that people WILL come up with wild theories, start witch hunts against me, state their opinions as fact specifically about personal issuesbut it doesn’t mean they have the RIGHT to. Not necessarily any of our business, but at the end of the day we can’t help caring.

That’s how I feel, whether or not if stories match or not, what happens between them is their business. Sorry but it was very public. While this still leaves a lot unanswered, it’s not our business and it’s clear you guys just had a falling out, which roplplay okay to say.

Hell, I still have hope for Dark Heresy, so that’s saying something.

The statement above is referring to other initiatives like Maid RPG. TB’s had his share of opinions on matters such as these, had his clashes with his fanbase, but ultimately his point of view is a salient one. And I will continue to hope that one day, Steven will return to Rollplay in one way or another. Anyway, just wanted to chime in that I appreciate the effort.

Beyond the edges of human society, the wild weaves a siren song few can hear over the drudgery of daily life. It was a private affair that he’s being forced to comment on due to the rise in unfounded accusations and questions. Plu,s Adam to this day, even on itmeup latest office hours referred to Steven as a friend.

That’s a timejp subject and one that’s very complicated. I’d like to take a few minutes to say a few things.

JP McDaniel – Roll20 Wiki

Can this please not devolve into a fight. First, that Steven and I have recently talked offline about this topic in an effort to resolve any lingering questions, so that we can move forward on the same page.

Toolbox What links here Related changes Special pages. I’m happy these issues are being put to bed instead of being swept under the rug like they were before, and I hope one day whatever issues can be resolved. I admit that I made the mistake of not having a full, clear conversation with Steven about all of these factors at the time.


It doesn’t make it OK, and I think pointing out “this specific issue is private” is a good itmej; that not everything has to opened up for public commentary, that it’s not a part of the SMALL sacrifice being made to put content out there. As always, I thank the viewers and subs, both new and long term, for your support, feedback, and work put in to make the community as great as it is.

He was the ultimate cause of Rollplay’s inception and creation. And in all honesty, knowing the exact details of what happened between the two, won’t change anything for the viewer. I’ve heard his thoughts on the topic and can’t say I disagree. JP has a degree in communication arts from the University of the Incarnate Word.

In another way i’m happy that from now on, it will be jtmejp easier for everyone to enjoy RollPlay again. Woadwise Woadwise Kinda brings out a greater issue of the culture of today, really. It has become a topic of conversation across this community site, Twitter, my YouTube channel, and on the unofficial subreddit. A long-running sandbox RPG, Swan Song has explored issues philosophical and cultural and managed to blow up a thing or two along the way.

Also some content creators encourage the fanaticism in their fanbase but that’s a whole ‘nother topic Thanks for addressing the elephant in the community over the last few days. To clarify, so that this does not become a fact: JP isn’t responsible for reddit trolls and their conspiracy theories. If you really want to deama the fake news ask yourself why their two stories didn’t line up.

Deabaker Deabaker roollplay I was hoping for something like this to understand more. I really like Steven, though his playing and DMing style seem much different from anyone else’s on Rollplay really. It was, and will continue to be, my goal to simply produce the best tabletop content for our community. Reddit trolls and their rollppay theories didn’t spawned these accusations and questions it was the broken communication between the two. Thanks for the communication. The theories made it much harder to proceed and methaphorically clog the water under the bridge.