At the palace, Manu displays her archery skills to some children. Jhansi Ki Rani English: Rashmi how did you watch up to episodes Netflix only has 70 episodes thanks. He makes Nana give his ancestral royal dagger to Manu as a mark of their unbreakable friendship. Manu mounts her horse Pavan and returns to Bithur with a badly wounded Nana. She despises the British rule of India, and takes the form of Kranti Guru to combat it. I love the show on Netflix and wood love to see all of the show but it just gives me season 1. On 8 June , the story moved on several years and Kratika Sengar portrayed the Queen from there on.

Manu decides to take Nana home Hello, i need a link to complete Series to. It was after her husband’s untimely demise, while she was still an Jhansi Ki Rani Season 1 was amazing where can we see the other seasons, netflix only showed 1 season. Jhansi ki rani is one of the best film i have ever watcted i pray may God help me to apply the wisdom i have learnt so far. Ek Veer Stree ki Kahaani Any idea where I can watch it. A priest advises the Peshwa not to go to Kanpur for his daughter Indu’s ‘shagun’ ceremony as the British forces have amassed there.

Later, as preparations are on for Indu’s wedding, an enraged Vahini prevents Manu from entering the Bithur palace until she undergoes purification.

Manu is trained in the arts of war by Tatya Tope. I also watched Songbird, loved it. My favorite serial jashi ki rani I love jashi ki rani serial. But Manu is heartbroken when Nana is chosen over her to ride an elephant.


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But Manu bravely continues the contest, stunning all, including Tatya Dikshit. Then i would wanne stay home again and watch!!! Learn more More Like This.

We are all gunna be thankful so please!!!!!!!!! Jhansi Ki Rani — 7.

Jhansi Ki Rani – Episodes Manson hopes that the sight of the brutalities in prison would weaken Manu to such an extent that she would reveal to him the technique of making her special explosive arrows. Ek Veer Stree Ki Kahaani Love the history augusst all the beautiful photography and mostly culture!

Manu is a thorn in the side of Manson, a British official. Manu decides not to marry – Jhansi ki Rani Highlights Clip 02m 00s. The Peshwa and his entourage go to Kanpur to meet Indu’s to-be husband’s family for a premarital ‘shagun’ ceremony.

Shreya Ghoshal – The Music Diva. Netflix only has season 1. An austere priest predicts a queenly future for Manu, which elates Moropant. Vaishali and her sister Kanta inform their father that they possess the peshwaship’s gold coin. Please put all the seasons!!!!!!

Though Maina Bai responds somewhat sympathetically to Manu’s plea, Vahini furiously tells Moropant that Manu’s rebelliousness could ruin Prachi’s and Indu’s futures. After several failed attempts to kill the maharaja, Captain Nelson kills Ross; Samar Singh is framed for the murder aigust hanged. Views Read Edit View history.


Rashmi how did you watch up to episodes Netflix only has 70 episodes thanks. Manu decides to take Nana home Just finished kki season 1 please I am hooked on this tv show. Please Like This Page: The victorious Rani returns to a conquered Jhansi, which she reclaims after threatening the life of the 1st Earl of Dalhouise.

Cant wait for season 2 and more! At a mela, as Manu sees Vaishali’s anklet with Nana, a quarrel erupts between Tatya Tope and bigoted British horsemen. Christina, the wife of Kanpur’s new commissioner Mr Moreland, is in awe of Manu.

Ek Veer Stree Ki Kahaani… Jhansi Ki Rani

Wish there was more shows like this! Gangadhar’s black commandos set up his meet with Moti Bai, during which he lauds her musical skills and tries to win eipsode heart. Manu eats a morsel of food as a mark of respect for the puja. Retrieved from ” https: Rani saves Karma, who becomes an ally.

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