After doing that, they finally find out none of the burgers have been sold, but only the smiles have been selling, so the plan fails. Guido Rutta as 3M ep 11 Zoruru. Michael Chinnici as Mojaran ep CCR office fuu Studio Lagoon. Taisetsu na Hito o Mamoru ta me ni de Arimasu ” Japanese: November 26—December 2 Dec 7, Our Summer Vacation Flux Capacitor?

Mitsuaki Madono as Musashi ep It has to be subbed or dubbed and available to the masses to become popular. Fuyuki competes in a tournament of occult-based challenges to save his occult club. After becoming frustrated with losing sparring matches to Paul on a regular basis, Tamama goes to Keroro for help, who promises to train him and help him become stronger. Yusuke Yamamoto ep Andrea Andriola Theme Song Composition: Good Momoka realizes that she needs her bad side back and only synchronized swimming will combine them back.

Eiji Yanagisawa as Delinquent ep Things are getting difficult for Keroro who realizes that the sib needs someone intelligent so he orders to find the fourth frog Kululu.

Not really animax just stopped airing it. Koyuki spends New Year’s with the Hinatas, and quickly forms tunso deep bond with their grandmother. Chris Rager as Man-Tiger ep Cherry Blossom Frontline Extreme! Todd Haberkorn as Keroro. This becomes troublesome when he pushes Keroro and Mois closer together during his training. Graus Balear Majorcan dub Sonoblok Catalan dub.


Keroro Gunso 163

At the end, when Natsumi wins, their find kind of ends, when they find out Fuyuki wasn’t mad about the health examination accident, but that Natsumi threw away an occult magazine he left in the hallway. I have been looking quite some hours to find another fansub oeroro, but it doesn’t exist.

Rica Matsumoto as Yamato ep Manatsu no Kaigan gunxo Arimasu ” Japanese: David Lee Mckinney as Saburo Animax dub. Robert McCollum as Nishizawa eps Frog episodes season 1. Natsumi wins but Keroro has a plan B that involves the festival’s fireworks. Yuuichi Tauchi as Curious onlooker ep Hiroaki Fukuda Senior Video Editor: The length would annoy most. The platoon decide to go haunting at Natsumi and Fuyuki’s school for a new invasion plan, and the ghost comes too.

Tamama meets a young soccer player who isn’t really good, so Tamama decides to become his teacher.

Fuyuki & Momoka 1st Meeting

The platoon goes to the rescue only to fail miserably for the lack of a fifth member. Christopher Patton as Epsode. He found the platoon knocked out, and used them as guinea pigs for his fighting machines. Kent Williams as Paul. Keroro feels trapped inside the Hinatas’ house and misses being outdoors.


In part A, Giroro trains the platoon in the mountains, while Natsumi and Koyuki enjoy a school trip to the lake. Nobuo Tobita as Viper ep Kunihiko Yasui as Giruru.

The Messenger of Destruction” Transcription: What number planet is keron from Keroro Gunsou? Tomoko Kawakami as Fuyuki Hinata. Saraba Pekopon yo de Arimasu ” Japanese: Ana Maria Mauri Catalan dub. Cherami Kkeroro as Natsumi Hinata.