Frog episodes season 5. Because of her popularity, Natsumi is forced to do a horror version of Peter Pan with Koyuki. Taisetsu na Hito o Mamoru ta me ni de Arimasu ” Japanese: Things are getting difficult for Keroro who realizes that the invasion needs someone intelligent so he orders to find the fourth frog Kululu. In part A, Keroro learns of Natsumi’s fear of slugs, and turns a slug into the action hero Wettol King to fight her. Koyuki spends New Year’s with the Hinatas, and quickly forms a deep bond with their grandmother. Mois is moved and decides to destroy the Earth so she won’t suffer anymore but stops at her request. Hoping to be alone with Fuyuki, Momoka plans an island ghost hunt after everyone’s dessert mysteriously disappears, not realizing that it had been eaten by the ghost that haunts Keroro’s room.

Fuyuki accidentally gets knocked out of the door, and is seen in his underwear by all the girls on the school. A Tiger Horse appears outside Keroros room whenever he opens the door. Softglon of Terror” Transcription: Momoka nearly drowns for real and is unknowingly resuscitated by an octopus-like creature brought by Keroro instead. Natsu Gasshuku de Arimasu ” Japanese: Night of the Living Room! The platoon goes to the rescue only to fail miserably for the lack of a fifth member. Dororo, Saburo and Tamama find Mois beating up people and head to the Hinata’s house to investigate.

Bad Momoka ends up taking over the leadership of Keroro’s platoon and Kululu shows her a destructive missile but stops at the last second. Natsumi and Giroro got a good, Fuyuki and Tamama didn’t put that much heart into making theirs and Koyuki’s riceball was too hard.

The bad Momoka escapes epizode mansion looking for Fuyuki. The Platoon flees but Fuyuki is abandoned and they can’t go spisode for him. Turns out Kululu took it to show him that he indeed needed something to rely on and the cat found it for him.

In part B, Tamama ponders a turtle going slowly down a country road he encounters during his training. Meanwhile, Keroro becomes jealous of Tamama when he discovers that his subordinate has been living a very pampered life at Momoka’s mansion. When Natsumi hears of Giroro trying to get a hobby, she teaches him that a hobby is what interests you the most.


The submarine is attacked by the Nantoma, a race that inhabits the bottom of the sea. After a freak accident involving Tamama’s training machine, Momoka’s two different personalities split up. The Hinatas visit Grandma keforo her house at the mountain and the Platoon tag along. Horobi Yuku ,eroro Ai no Hoshi yo!!

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Fuyuki and Natsumi help them too, Natsumi helps Mois with strangely selling “smiles” that give 2229 motivation, and Fuyuki helps with burgers. However, keforo a few days that announcement was changed, and Keroro Otsu was just delayed for one week, returning to the original plans for the series’ ending, [2] although airing everything one week later.

She’s already years late however. However, there is a time limit to change her back or she’ll remain young again and Aki escaped to Fuyuki’s school to pass the day. Meanwhile, Momoka will stop at nothing to make a virtual love connection with Fuyuki. Keroro realizes that if they get in a fight, Keroro might get all the blame.

In part B, The Keroro platoon make a test from the Keron Army, asking for their hobbies, interests, etc. Our Summer Vacation Flux Capacitor? The Cavitians Of Cavity 9! The platoon creates a plan to make their own hot spring by drilling to find water.

Momoka’s New Year’s fortune inspires her to hold a hanetsuki tournament to impress Fuyuki. Keroro decides to welcome in the new year with many games, most of which involve using Giroro as a yunso dummy.

Keroro, Fuyuki and Natusmi watch a television special on famous landmarks and whether or not aliens created them. Mayhem ensues when Giroro’s ruthless violent side, Giroppe, plans a hostile takeover.

Mecha Nyororo ” Transcription: He is angry, and the Keroro platoon try and calm him down, but their efforts make it worse.

Natsumi, Fuyuki, Koyuki and Mois go to a festival in which they find the Platoon scamming people. In part A, Keroro battles Natsumi for right to take a comfortable bath. I Hardly Even Knew Her!

Everything goes well until Keroro kicks the ball into his own goal. With Keroro realizing and telling it was actually him telling Giroro it was okay to burn it, they get tied to pieces of wood on a campfire and get punished.


The true culprit is later revealed to be Giroro, another member of Keroro’s platoon. When Keroro finds himself in debt, he decides to open a ninja training school, with Dororo as the teacher. Giroro finds a cat getting wet in the rain and decides to keep it. Koyuki informs him and tries to reunite them but Zeroro refuses, revealing to his old friends that he changed his name to Dororo and will now protect Pekopon rather than invade it. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned when Keroro unexpectedly arrives.

After Tamama tells her what happened in the previous episode, Momoka decides to take everyone on a trip to her ski resort. Kululu inspires his fellow invaders when he mysteriously starts helping out around the Hinata house. After doing that, they finally find out none of the burgers have been sold, but only the smiles have been selling, so the plan fails.

In part A, Tamama wakes up, seeing his tail is gone. Fuyuki competes in a tournament of occult-based challenges to save his occult club. Keroro while he is scouting inside their house.

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In part B, the Keroro Platoon and Baio fight for control of 22 weather to determine the fate of Momoka’s sports festival. At the end, Dororo realizes how painful was to remember his box and refuses to join them again.

Frog anime series, originally titled as Keroro Gunsois a Japanese television series produced and animated by Sunrise Inc. Keroro’s excitement for his birthday soon melts into despair as he starts believing that his friends forgot about it.

Sumomo and Keroro use hidden cameras to get a laugh out of Giroro’s feelings for Hinata, but their plan backfires when guno powered-up Natsumi goes on a rampage.