Sana returns from the class trip, and learns that her next job will be a commercial with popular actor, Naozumi Kamura. They confront each other privately and exchange threats. Depressed by the death of Takeshi, Sana leaves for the mountains and Akito convinces her to come home. Onda had asked Sana to write a book. The book reveals that Sana was found abandoned. Akito gets blame for it. Rei’s distracted while looking forward to his Christmas Eve date with Asako, and Naozumi challenges Akito.

Views Read Edit View history. It’s a Pint-Sized Akito! So he goes to the party empty handed when Sana sees Akito she gives him a gift. Sana considers dropping out of show business. Sana on the way meets two new friends. Sana meets Aono, Tsuyoshi’s younger sister. Sana then puts off the book until there’s only about a week left. And the rele … ase is scheduled for August 7,

Sana continues to confront Akito, and the girls in the class join her. A chandelier almost fell on them and a huge truck almost ran them over. He avoids Aya because he falls in love with any girl who gives him a present so he’s ashamed. In part one Hayama’s father builds a robot mother, who then proceeds to ruin Tokyo. Rick doesn’t know what to do, so he begs Naozumi to help her, but instead of helping her, Naozumi puts out all of his anger out on her, since she has done horrible things to him in the past, and had taken advantage of him currently also.

Sana overhearing, how juice helped this girl, who was feeling sick.


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Naozumi runs away, crying because he didn’t know anything about Sicil being his sister. When she finds Akito, she acts as his Mom and realizes he has a fever. They both tell him anything is good and to give her something from his heart.

Magical girl Sana tries to defeat Mecha-Hayama but is unexpectedly stopped by Akito.

Gary tells everyone that Naozumi is his son and that he is going to raise Naozumi as a big star. The book reveals that Sana was found abandoned. This time the song is ‘Port City Charleston.

Naozumi however doesn’t want to stay in America; he wants to go back to Japan because he never thought of Gary as englishh father. Sana’s mom visits her on the set and tries to cheer her up.

Yuko has decided to use Naozumi as a tool to get her fame. Asako stars in a romantic drama with popular performer Takuya Kimochiand rumors begin. Sana slaps him for not knowing, and runs away. They decide to go back to Japan. Akito and Tsuyoshi become worried about her.

In the scene where Sana is supposed to emerge from the burning mansion, she had started dancing inside, but then her leg where Naozumi’s fans hit her starts to hurt, so she isn’t able to move. The boys and girls of Class 3 battle it out over after-school cleaning chores. When overlooking her lines for a part in a movie, Sana sees that in a scene, she has to dbu another character a “devil”. Which makes her want to limbo danceand she does. In Pokemon Black and White.


During the Quiz Show, Babbit is having fun at Sana’s expense. Misako’s mother Shizuka visits Misako and Sana in Tokyo. Languages Italiano Edit links.

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Now that Fuka is temporary blinded, she realizes that Sana still likes Akito and vice versa. Everyone is excited about a class camping trip. Ando takes this opportunity to threaten Class 3 of not advancing to junior high school!

Prince Snglish is turned into a toilit seat and skunk Sana had to kiss him to undo the spell.

Sana is determined to make an impression with her next job on a TV drama, which is about a family with problems similar to Akito’s. Sana then gets a warning from Brad that they have been targeted. They ended up having snowball fight. Where can you watch kodocha English dub episodes ?

Sana and Naozumi leave for New York City to star in ‘Endless Summer’ which they’re chosen to act in Broadway musical together telling no one there going. Where can you find bleach episode in English dubbed? So Sana and Naozumi continue to sing, and attempt to get this law reprieved. She runs away and her parents are searching all over Manhattan for her.

Out of frustration, Sana complains about Akito on her TV show.