Requiem for the Phantom Phi Brain: List of Kodomo no Jikan episodes – Wikipedia Visit. D All in all, lots of friendly people and the weather was decent given the forecast said to expect a thunderstorm today: Killua is fuking siqqqqqqqqkunt. It’s a little early to say, but this seems legit. I kinda like how it works so the max I could do would be a Chapter Master with long black hair and a katana

Touma appears every now and again for some lulzy encounters with Misaka. That was the simplest explanation I could come up with. Burns made my day xD The personal elevator scene was hilarious. My thoughts are so scrambled it’s taking me like 10 minutes to write 4 sentences. Am I gonna have to know a lot about the product or can I learn on the job? Can’t wait for HxH tonight.

D i dropped the 1st season halfway through to rewatch Clannad then i forgot to pick it back up. Oh, look at all the shops I’ll be visiting in one week and something.

Kodomo no Jikan Episodul 2 [RoSub]

Please, allow me to present you a bit of what happens in ep1. I think the animation got better as they did more episodes. Battle Programmer Shirase Beelzebub Beelzebub: Am I on a watch list, yet?

Knew he was gonna pull out that card. WTF Ppl at Otakon will get to see the triple 9 days earlier than the release date?? Fuark brahs I dun goofed.


kkdomo Checked it out in your blog, well done Would love to see him on top of a massive crab mech Soladrin: D it has potential to be a very good Seinen. After Story is still way better: Calling out aeterna for not actually being aeterna. I still find Kirino a self-centered bitch. Steins;Gate is a masterpice nno an anime.

The universe and plot are damn good. D no doujins tho cuz of the company Network Security group lol go on my manga list on mal.

Pres at her place and she peisode to know if I’m going I want them sick ass tracks. Calling out aeterna for not actually being spisode LULZ i was talking about IRL aka 3d morals we all know, in the 2d world, i have no morals http: It was an absolute PAIN to free-hand the chapter symbol I have seen some good looking anime traps over the years Steins;Gate’s one is ridiculous but Himegoto just goes the extra mile to make one consider those important life questions.

Not the kind of episode I expected, but it was a great way to end the season.

Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni episode 3 live reaction/manga overview

Cannot understand Jap fluently, however I get the general epiaode of whats going on and some lines. Lordy, you’re going to need a shelf.

D Anyways, onto the episode: Maybe something from RH? Was unaware that they serialized it after the one shot.


I’ve died and gone to heaven! Was about to start, but now Cross Game is one of the first anime suggested to me and it remains one of my favorite. After that, the show never brings it up again except for a lesbian moment a few episodes later. Because I was only good at hitting and catching when I played Baseball.

So close to reading that Pad your PTW list.

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Kanetsugu to Keiji and I am looking forward to a few of the others too. Although I think in the end I expected a little more baseball, it’s hard to complain when the interpersonal relationships were so properly executed. It was certainly better than S1, which had boring filler episodes and side characters IDGAF about, for example, the znilinkz yaoi-video game creator girl?

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