What is the good news? And now, I have lost my baby too. I want the treasure hidden in the depths of Malganga. Did all of you see? Why do you have to do that always? Correct at twelve in the night, you should come to the temple of the Goddess.

I will not spare you anymore. You turned an arrogant, illiterate, and a man without any knowledge, into a human being. Where would he go? Then in this frightful night, you should sprinkle turmeric water all over the village. Does anyone has the courage? This video and mp3 song of Natli navri mal ganga top 8 mal ganga bhakti songs marathi songs chhagan chougule is published by Wings Marathi on 05 Jun

I will not move from here.

Swarajya – Marathi Paul Padate Pudhe

I have seen movje. What nonsense are you speaking? Bhairav, if you say such things, who should we approach then? Your son is here to meet you. You misplaced your child, and who have you brought instead? Didn’t you make a votive to the Goddess for a good husband?


TV Episodes Ufll all. I will ruin the entire village. Renu, what have you done? Maay mauli manu devi. You seem to have changed drastically. He was about to get the wealth, but he was arrested. I can help the poor and, if I lose this opportunity Tell me, who are you?

You kunemauli celebrate your wedding anniversary. My sorrow is greater than yours. I want to see you treat patients. I’ve caused you great pain.

I can understand if you say that by mistake. We should move ahead.

Who could it be? I am a girl. Renu, you will not understand my pain. The Goddess will now save the village. Even if she washes my feet, I will not let her conclude the fast. Before I count ten you, should be ready to be the sacrifice. He is the one. Newsletter The best of Cinestaan in your inbox.

I can do any household chores. In spite of being a rich family, didn’t you feel ashamed to ask for alms? Hadn’t you been to the temple? Gauri madam, take the vermillion.


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I would have ruled the world! Or an innocent woman would have been sacrificed. Aunt, look at this! Your password has been successfully updated Ok got it!

The magician has gone crazy. But how long could I wait?

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My dream has fulfilled. Enter New Email ID. Sir, please do not harass Prasad and Gauri.