Okay, one time is a one-off, but continually running into this weird sentiment throughout the book, which is clearly aimed at boys, is just bizarre and kind of shitty. Retrieved 24 June Read this in just a few hours. The plot was interesting enough that I will be reading the next book in the series. Los personajes son bastante planos. I like my supernatural way more supernatural. I can imagine this tale scaring my niece.

I’m probably not going to continue with this series. This novel is one of the very strange cases where I’m actually glad the film will be deviating from the source material. Latest Book in the Series. Bayard Editions Jeunesse collection , I don’t read horror. Retrieved 1 April Tom is off to do an apprenticeship with Old Gregory, the current Spook, so that after all of his training he can take over to protect the villagers.

It is hoped that these characters will be further developed, and that all these questions and more will, again, be answered in later books in the series. Your purchase also supports literacy charities.

9782747017107 – L’Epouvanteur, Tome 1 (French Edition) by Joseph Delaney

Find Rare Books Book Value. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. I understand he’s young and an apprentice with few skills and little knowledge, but it apprentis like there was no real character development.

Bayard Editions Jeunesse Bookseller: This reader could understand why but family should see that Thomas is so much more than his new job. All pages are intact, and the cover is intact.

L’√©pouvanteur Book Series:

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. There is a scene where Tom goes through the battle field, and all the soldiers are hanging from trees struggling to breath as the die. Book cover for The Spook’s Apprentice. Some reviewers comment that thi This is an odd case. I don’t mind women as villains but not if they are villains simply for being a woman. For reference, Brandon Sanderson’s books are at about the right level for me in terms of “cleanliness”. Book 5 of Peouvanteur a Spook, though a hero, live lonely lives because people know evil is attracted to Spooks because of the business.


Mother Malkin and Bony Lizzie. She plays a role in the chaos that ensues and straddles the line between good and bad.

Llewellyn I’m the same way. I like my supernatural way more supernatural. If you have seen the movie or even if you don’t but the synopsis sound interesting to you and you don’t mind the whole young tone in a book, then give this book a shot, as the plot was good, it just wasn’t enough for me to ignore the young tone ffilm my own personal tastes.

Book 2 of Joseph has three children and nine grandchildren and is a wonderful public speaker available for conference, library and bookshop events.

And Dpouvanteur don’t know what bad experiences the author had with women and girls over the course of his lifetime, but he might consider working it out in therapy rather than in his books for children.

Yes, the book takes place in a world where people ride horses and work on the family farm with a clear demarcation between men and women’s tasks, but that’s no excuse to impart the wise wisdom of “Never trust a woman” to young boys and girls reading these novels.

Joseph Delaney formerly taught media and film studies at a wpprentie school in Blackpool, England.

This book is bad, I have seen my friend has complained about the translation but it is bad even in English, but I am gonna read some other numbers of this collection because it is available for free in the library at least till 5th book and I almost like the setting and apprentke universe of the story. I was kinda bored but this book is kinda too gruesome for kids. This fllm is walking a very tight rope with this book trying to keep this in the children’s section.


Book 3 of It’s a gentle enough story but I didn’t feel the peril that much and it never felt like the main character really seized the path he was put on, eopuvanteur after he chose it.

We’re sorry – this copy is no longer available. I appreciated that while he made mistakes, he was able to realize it, come up with a plan, and handle the consequences as best he could with the resources and knowledge available. While there are some hints of dastardly deeds, they’re no worse epouvanter in the average fairy tale.

– L’Epouvanteur, Tome 1 (French Edition) by Joseph Delaney

I draw the line at baby meatloaf. If Its horror I’m returning it. Published by Bayard jeunesse first published This book does not interest readers and starts off the series with negatively.

The action is sparse, and not all that interesting when it does occur. Women bad is central to the plot and barely challenged and even seems to be the setup fo I did enjoy the book.

Because of identity crises, I give it two and a half stars. No, la verdad es que no. He can sense things that nobody else can, which means he has the ability to become the Spook – the man who ensures that the supernatural bad guys stay away from the innocents.