And let’s not forget the calendar. I would have to ask her about that later. Then you can divert it to the surface. Well, Chase was working. I cleared my throat to get his attention. Davenport’s eyes didn’t leave my face as he spoke. I opened it and found several small, black and blue shards on the inside. I do it all the time!

You should have seen the gift store! If you had been there, your superspeed could have created a vortex that would have put out the fire instantly. We’d been sitting here for four whole hours now and no one had come to get us yet. Despite everything that had happened, this Christmas had ended pretty well. Leo pointed at him. Calla laughed, grabbed my hand, and started pulling me down the hall.

If you have any ideas, tell me please! I brought my shield up just in time to block it.

Lab Rats – S 2 E 14 – Bionic Showdown

For a small licensing fee. It’s a good addition. Leo stammered a single word out before she cut him off. I pulled out my cell phone and activated the flashlight app. I brought my action figure carrying case for Prince Landor to sign.

I hope that being normal was worth it. I’d looked into those eyes a million times, and never before had they been green. Davenport announced, walking in with a couple of bags in his hands.

Leo seson freaking outs beside me. And don’t worry, if they haven’t by now, I’m sure someone will post Which Father Knows Best on youtube by now. Tasha looked at us.


Rats on a Train 5. The toy melted within seconds. If this chapter is any seaosn, there’s going to be a lot more Challa.

Krane pulled back his hood and removed the mask. I feel your pain. They will figure out a way to escape. But if it makes you feel better, Adam’s going to have an OC as a girlfriend.

Who cares if some toy is beating you? And Then There Were Four Can you guys leave us for a moment? The lights in my capsule turned on then and I winced as I felt the bionic chip being pulled from my neck.

Leo’s life becomes less ordinary when, one day, he discovers a secret underground lab that houses three experiments: Calla might brag and tease me for a month if she won, but he would tease me for the rest of my life. He still couldn’t seem to move from his position. I’m glad you liked it. This opponent was much harder and for a brief moment, I thought I might actually lose.

Your review has been posted. Adam and Leo both grinned and bolted for the elevator, the rest of us trailing after them. Davenport quickly accessed the internet and started tracking Adam, Bree, and Chase’s GPS signals to their last known location.

I turned back to the rings, activating both apps again.

The Lab Assistant Chapter Alien Gladiators, a lab rats, fanfic | FanFiction

He looked at me suspiciously. I couldn’t believe it. Dellishows I don’t know if they’re still working there. After a moment, Leo turned back to me, having decided to ignore Eddy.


Lab Rats Season 2 Episode 2 Spy Fly – video dailymotion

And no, I’m not mad. Get ready, because you’re about to find out what this Triton app can really do. Adam frowned at her. I’m glad you liked the setups and I seriously can’t imagine Mr. It landed a foot away from me as I hit the ground. Jaden and I were sitting on either ends of the couch in the family room, watching the new movie How To Build a Better Boy. I had to admit, not the best example I could have come up with. Calla looked at him. Davenport glanced at Adam and Chase. I nodded my approval.

Being the lab assistant to one of the world’s greatest inventors sounds amazing right? The author would like to thank you for your continued support. They all chuckled as I removed myself from the group hug to check my messages.

Suddenly, Adam and Bree ran towards us.