MCJ Enrollment No , academic year – Unlike any other communities, for them, these struggles had a religious connotation. Arabic Malayalam script was founded actually long before Malayalam received the standard script for its own. In ownership handed over to Malarvadi public trust and in to Islamic service trust and started publication from Kozhikode. These press revolution was made thanks to the attempts by various religious movement, political parties and organization. In , two papers were started from Kottayam. Political, national, international and cultural articles also enriched the pages of Sunni Voice.

M seethe sahi E akula Sa ajilsta U. It mainly focuses on cultural and social topics. And the Sunday magazine is worth reading. I am very much thankful to all my friends and class mates, who helped me directly indirectly, thanks to all who supported me emotionally and morally. K Abdulla Moulavi was the first editor. It designed as the complete Islamic web portal. They were creatively participating in the same process. Along with daily and weekly.

It deals with cultural, social, national, international, educational and religious aspects in its contents.

V The hipala Kusu a S. Llatest next Malayalam paper to be published was the Satyanadakahalam, which started publication modestly as a fortnightly from Kunammavu in October S, the first press in Kerala.

Suprrabhaatham has online edition along with E-paper. It began as a monthly publication in but was later turned into a weekly in In Chandrika became News Paper but stopped within three years. The musical show exclusively for Ghazals, Khayal, is the first epiosde television programme from Malayalam channels. It aims to creating spiritual enlightens and awareness among believers. You Might Also Like. It is also published from Chelari,Malappuram.


Later on the horizon of the episore in Kerala widened enough to become one of the most significant media in India.

PK Kunhalikutty in View Point (Episode 211)

Later it started as a bimonthly from These programmes subverted the stereo typical media images. Like its predecessor, the Paschimodayam, too, was cyclostyled, but it carried articles on geography, history, natural science and even astrology.

Mini news studios are available in all the major cities of India. Now chandrika news paper is publishing from 12 editions in Kerala and Middle east countries. Apart from these some more articles wpisode there which are relevant; the list will be available in bibliography section. Rajya Samacharam by Hermen Gundert, pachimodayam by F.

It was edited by Vengayil Kunhiraman Nayanar, otherwise well-known by his pen-name Kesari. It has adopted the most modern technology in mopsa production of the newspaper and its allied journals. F Kozhikode Sath adha a S. Islam Interactive is run by an intellectual team from Muslims which aims to fill the vacuum in the sphere of cyber journalism. And also it has its own studio complex and offices at Qatar epixode UAE.

It also has latezt media accounts with good number of visitors and reputation.

Pathinalam Ravu and M80 Moosa are some of the most popular programmes among malyali television viewers. The channel boasts of the highly advanced technology, presents a unique treat in both visuals and content. K KuttK. M has crossed this bounder and created their own space in cyber world. Siraj has completed successful 30 years in Malayalam journalism but never could to win a big popularity or great circulation.


M80 Moosa Episode |

By the advent of thea significant figure in the history of Kerala Muslims appeared as a staunch believer of the reformist thought and practices and criticized many cultural and religious mal-practices.

It is leading family magazine which deals with variety of contents and subjects in attractive way. However her bad times does not end here. An analysis of all these magazines would apparently reveal to us their inherent agendas of religious expansion and Christian propagation.

Four decades from can be regarded as the peak time of Muslim publications in Kerala. S the first press in Kerala. It aims at utilizing new technologies of communication in a creative manner. Current and new media are directly observed and sharply evaluated. Chandrika has played a great role in Muslim media history.