However I enjoyed all the episodes to the hilt. Panchanathan Suresh March 11, at That the contents need pep was felt in the first few frames for me. Best wishes to the entire team and crew.. Normally the wife should be on the right hand side of the husband when the namaskaram is made whereas here the wife is standing to the left hand side of her husband. The Sun is always Bright. I am watching the same episodes again and again from youtube.

If so, we may be fighting a losing battle to reason with the producers of the show. Thanks for your reply Mr. What do you think? For a layman or a general public, these may not be a showstopper. No Mahan can be imitated by an actor. Long live and let your service continue People throughout the world are watching this!!

It seems, somebody has given that suggestion.

However, i request and appreciate those who want to go and give suggestion about our nithya karma with Panchtha Udarni, Parisheshanam, our Prayer vedaPooja etc. The continuation of the TV serial, as it was telecast, will be a great diservice to Mahaperiyaval.

Mahaangalum adhisayangalum vijay tv serial title song free download – Google Docs

If so, we may be fighting a losing battle to reason with the producers of the show. It is better to not to touch this divine and sensitive subject, without proper knowledge and sincerity.


Panchanathan Suresh June 25, at He should have said Chandrasekhrendra Saraswathi. The youtube videos are not available. This serial was a life changer in my life Mahesh — thanks for taking the initiative and wish you well in your efforts.

Thothathri Venugopal March 5, at Anyways thank you for telecasting.

If properly serialized, the world can be shown the towering ascetic whose knowledge was diverse and unparalleled and whose compassion surpassed that of any one living. Karma takes us to Bakti. I think that the director should consult with some scholars from Kanchi mutt. Notify me of new comments via email. I feel shame for that.

Shankara!: Mahangalum Adhisiyangalum Vijay TV Episodes

If Mettur Swamigal was alive he would have given valuable suggestions. I only saw periyaval in this serial.

First of all, this is a very good initiative by Vijay TV in bringing out the life history of our Periyava to the whole world! CHAN February 24, at 6: Thanks for the links for this serial. Panchanathan Suresh March 14, at 4: Very heartening to see.


Thothathri Venugopal April 10, at Vijay TV deserves all encouragement as it is easily the best channel currently in Tamil. Mahaperiyava has been brought live by your efforts.

Mahaangalum Adhisayangalum episodes in one place!

Can you tell us who sang the title song of this Mahaperiayva serial? How come a serial director is not even aware of this basic info? Do you know whether there is any link to purchase that?

I think that is a big advantage. Please check page 2 also in that link for more episodes.

People throughout the world are watching this!! Panchanathan Suresh August 28, at 4: The one book I read was Jagadguruvin Divya Charitram available in this blog too. I wish him well. This is a highly benevolent task.

All because of Him. That the contents need pep was felt in the first few frames for me. Whatever needs to be done is to be done at the earliest.