Wife and I watched Zindagi Gulzar Hai last month. About 94 Results in All Videos channels. Meanwhile, Daam was the show that put Adeel Hussain on the map but this show was not about him. I like Udaari, people are not comfortable and it’s not easy to watch with family but these kind of topics are MUST to raise awareness, children must be aware what’s unacceptable especially around relatives and neighbourhood. If anyone can write the Names of actors. I’m a big fan of Maya Ali. Script of most Pakistani dramas are generic, i. She’s irritating but her character demands that of her.

Video is violating privacy. The drama watching audience comprises mostly of house wives and women, who also drag their men to watch the shows. Alvida on Episode 8 now, really has started to become a good drama. Just found that this irritating character in Silvatein is Najam Sethi’s daughter. The only good thing about this show is Nostalgic’s reviews about it. Nauman Ejaz gave one of the best acting performances I’ve ever seen in that show and it’s a show that has a lot of substance. Whatever happened to good old Pakistani tv?

It has helped that she has learned to act a bit now. I can bet anything that meir anybody epiwode been cast in place of Fawad for Zaaroon’s role, the show wouldn’t have received half the popularity it did. I wonder if someone watched the last episode of Udaari GreenRoars The shallow, coward of a man who first let the love of his life go, and now stalks her years after her marriage like freakin’ Edward Cullen!

From the stiff-as-a-box gambler hell-bent on having kids, but not knowing their names. We are sorry to hear about your experience Please let us know how we can improve your experience submit. I’m all for kahnai light on society’s issues and taboos but when that’s the only thing happening around the clock and that too executed poorly, ends up for some very poor viewing. Show All Video results. The funny part with Shehr-e-zaat was presented as a mystic tale of spiritual discovery with sufi music, abundant mentions of the ismaeli concept of baten and some Khosrau parralels in the journey of the main character but it ended up being your typical wahabi morality tale.


Haven’t seen previous posts. Even Silwatein was better, now that you mention it. A muslim woman wearing a scarf. I wrote a page paper analysing the fluid identity of a woman as portrayed during that era – ranging from an active political worker, to literally becoming the basis of the shared national tragedy that was the Partition Please enter your Password for confirmation.

I watched an episode of it last night and they reveal that the lead actor actually is actually the son of the lead actress’s father while their moms are sisters. Notify user via Email. I was susprised because he took a break from acting for a while and said he won’t be acting for sometime and might not come back to Drama acting etc etc something along those lines. After watching a few, am getting this impression.

Meri Un Suni Kahani OST Drama on HUMTV

Thanks for the in depth analysis Watching Alvida these days, not very impressive at the moment but early days. Im really tired of seeing faisal and ejaz in same dramas: If you want to watch a romantic drama that’s not typical, then you can’t go wrong with either of Doraha or Daam.

Was watching a show 2 days back, where the wife’s mom stays at her in laws, and she was accusing the kids of the family of hiding her quraan shareef, so that they can watch TV. After much hype I have started watching Humsafar Video contains spam Video has disturbing content.


Why can’t we replicate drama’s quality into films? In any case, it’s depressing to see Pakistani dramas being so progressive 20 years back which now have largely turned into moral sermons preaching obedience in the garb of piety and simplicity.

It’s good but has a few controversial dialogues in the early episodes.

Meri Un Suni Kahani OST Drama on HUMTV – video dailymotion

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Average story-line, average actors. Which one is Maya Ali? Any new drama recommendation folks?

I watched 15 episodes 38 min each in 2 days. Not sure if the younger generation in Pakistan would like it either That being said I think a Pakistani Narcos would be the cheesiest thing ever: She hates Meera Sethi or the character she plays and says she feels like slapping her. An excellent drama serial with 20 or so episodes. It was all about the message man, nothing else.

Pakistani TV Dramas and Talk Shows: Meri An Suni Kahani Episode 1 to 5

How do you guys even find decent Pakistani dramas these days? I’m not the kind who wants major twists and turns, and disliked how the petty arguments between Kashaf and Zaaroon were painted as the “intricacies” of married life. Meri zaat zarra e benishan Humsafar Zindagi gulzar hai Alvida: I’d start with Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

Express has launched a new channel called Express Entertainment.

Speaking of Doraha, it was top class.