Jackson Frolick ep 2. Although the facial sketch did not ultimately lead them to the right man, Hatchin believes what the fortune teller said. Kensho Ono as Lenine. Takuya Kaihoko as Blackie eps Nick Creamer has the details. Roberto Draghetti as Davy Nateva ep 8. Michael Tatum as Gino Costa ep 9. You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register.

On the following day, Lenine fails to recognize Hatchin, even though he remembers all what happened the previous day, causing her to later break down in front of Michiko. However, Michiko and Hatchin are blocked by the police after being chased. Anime-Virtual Poland Polish cast none. Daniel Penz eps 1, 6. Josh Martin eps , Yasuhiro Mamiya as Security Guard ep Eri Fuse as Joanna Belenbauza ep 1.

John Burgmeier as Nei Envlish ep Anime-Virtual Poland Polish cast none. Adult Swim Toonami Distributor: However, Michiko and Hatchin are blocked by the police after being chased.

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Shelf Life – Woman Power Jul 6, While traveling, Michiko takes ill, prompting Hatchin to check into a hotel. Although Atsuko finds Michiko in a nearby cornfield, the former lets the latter go. Hatchin saves the children after figuring out what is really going on. The next day, as Michiko drives a truck to pick up a replacement engine from a nearby auto shop, Jair engages in a car chase to make her trip englieh more difficult.

Claudia Catani as Michiko Malandro. Scott Freeman as Shinsuke Sasse Rodrigues. This week brings us no big bombs Upon arrival at Goiana, Satoshi attempts to coerce a local crime boss named Juninho to search for Hiroshi.


Xnd Reynolds eps Meanwhile, after receiving a message that Michiko left the hotel, Hatchin travels alone on a separate train route. Jessica Cavanagh as Akasha ep 14 Liliana ep 6. The next day, Michiko and Hatchin say goodbye to Rita before leaving. Masako Katsuki as Zoe Vasconcelos ep Twelve years ago, Michiko was arrested by police sergeant Atsuko JacksonMichiko’s childhood friend, leaving her feeling betrayed. After a long travel, Michiko and Hatchin reunite in the middle of the road.

Kousei Hirota as City Official ep 1.

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Eiji Abiko 4 episodes eps 6, 12, Kei Tsunematsu 6 episodes eps 14, As Hatchin travels to the store by boat to buy shampoo, she is attacked by three river boys, who steal her shoes and money.

Atsuko encounters Ricardo, who is seeking a promotion by volunteering to keep a close eye on her. Although the facial sketch did not ultimately lead them to the right man, Hatchin believes what the fortune teller said. Jeff Johnson as Yuri ep 5. Charlie Campbell eps 5, 7. Michiko drives her scooter and takes Hatchin with her, evading from being shot at by Satoshi.

In the Heike headquarters, Shinske soon asks Eduardo and Wen to help him find Satoshi, to which the two agree on friendly terms. Maddened after seeing that Shinske is still alive, Satoshi runs Shinske over with his car, but not even that could kill Shinske, who finds this quite amusing despite being injured.

Team Taniguchi In-Between Animation: Tsuguo Mogami as Director ep Shinske has Michiko and Davi take a series of train routes, while evading the guns being shot at them, to see him at an abandoned train station at six o’clock in the evening. Jeff Johnson eps Tomohiro Tsuboi as Clown ep Sabine Arnhold as Pepe Lima.


After Satoshi explains that Hiroshi was his best friend since childhood, he questions Hatchin of whether she trusts in Michiko or not. The two join forces on an improbable escape to freedom. Elis explains that Hiroshi ran away after knowing that Michiko was coming for him. This, however, is t Funimation ChannelAdult Swim Toonami. As Michiko and Hatchin work together to defeat Madame and Nuno, the former two fall into the engllsh to safety before lightning strikes down on the hot air balloon.

Kanji Suzumori as Worker ep 9.

Jason Douglas as Master ep 6. Alessio De Filippis as Tony eps Ben Phillips 5 episodes eps4, 8, Alessia Amendola as Vanessa Lee ep Shelf Life – Age of Aquarion Jan 29, Michiko disbelieves Satoshi when he says that Hiroshi was killed in a bus accident twelve years ago. After Satoshi takes Michiko’s scooter and an off with Hatchin in tow, Michiko reaches for Atsuko’s gun tossed aside in desperation, but not long before taking hits from Atsuko.