I take on negative feedback as constructive criticism, so that I can work towards making my products and my services better for everyone. I tend to avoid the companies whose names come up again and again. Don’t they know who I am? As a newly started indie owner, some of the things you see on people’s blogs not so much bad reviews, but more so the glittermobbing is sometimes enough for me to actually want to take a step back from the indie community and refrain from socialising on a personal level with people. I tend to make my decisions based on the available evidence, but there really isn’t much evidence in their favor. No one should ever have to justify what they purchase with their own money to another person. It’s beautiful and I love it oh my goodness. Dirgesinger May 3, at

This was because this company was selling unblended colorants as eyeshadows. Ruthy 6 September at Made-Up Jigglypuff February 20, at 1: I like them on everyone but me. And I haven’t ever been completely glittermobbed, but at one point some people too offense to my lipgloss series where I correlated the fact that by supporting indie, we still support big business. Cookin’ up some grub: I should also note that I’ve felt there’s been sort of an elitist attitude built up around buying exclusively Indie.

Hijab Fashion Kasual di Industry Indonesia. But don’t go “glittermobbing” others if they voice an honest, true, and fair opinion cruptoria their experience. Comparison, Review, and Swatches.

Ruthy 6 September at Gossip spreads fast and more people find out about things than you’d think.

I’m not sure if Iced Latte looks good on my skin tone, but every colour is very nice and what I expected. Unfortunately I’ve seen it where company owners help to perpetuate the drama and glittermobbing so it’s certainly possible for owners to have a direct hand in the destruction of their reputation.

Coastal Scents Shadow Worx primer applied to upper lid, blending in gently with ring finger. Alicia February 27, at 9: Thanks for sharing this collection. I think a lot of these glittermobbers forget that not everyone expresses an opinion about a company based on personal emotions.


I actually had not discovered the Indie makeup community there’s actually a community Sabina May 3, at 3: The glitter-bombing seems immature and kind of counterproductive; I’ve been on the wrong end of it myself, and I only got involved in this “scene” a month ago.

One Brand Tutorial Rituel de Fille. Just send her a message and let her know what the cost limit is for each package and she’ll split your order to mutiple bags so you wont get hit! I don’t run a blog anymore because of this, but I still like to comment occasionally, and enjoy participating in that way. Beauty’s Bad Habit 15 March at They are finally in my grubby mitts. Newer Post Older Post Home. Cydonian 7 September at My name is Mai.

Newer Post Older Post. Alicia 6 September at If you want to buy and review a company that I don’t like, then go right ahead. Original design using blogger template. These thoughts have been bouncing around in my head for a while now and I feel the need to express them now. No need to make a huge fuss about it, which is where I think many bloggers go wrong.

It’s beautiful and I love it oh my goodness. Subscribe to My Newsletter. Quickie Review and Swatches: As usual, you are on point Mai. I also feel a company should be able to ‘fire’ a customer if the customer is rude. Morgana CryptoriaShoppingSwatches. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Illamasqua’s Skin Base. I hope the people who stir up drama and act like children will eventually find something better to do, and everything will be somewhat peaceful again.

Some are VERY silly. Click and Make-Up Beauty Blog.

Morgxna Darling Girl Giveaway! I do agree that some companies tend to get away with things because the owners become “friends” with their customers.


Faeries Stole My Lipstick! This makes it that much more important for people to NOT glittermob. Find me on Flikr.

morgana cryptoria lipstick in love lies bleeding

I also think it’s all too easy for people to take negative reviews way too personally, as if thinking negatively of a company means that it’s a reflection of your thoughts on the person behind the company.

The ingredients page on their Facebook, since deleted, as well as the quality morgqna the pigments themselves were evidence to this Some girl who had never commented on my blog before jumped down my throat about not having proof, about how I was just making shit up about this company because she never had a bad experience, etc. Newer Post Older Post Home. A massive percentage of people who buy indie are rather level headed and compassionate people who are able to see things from many perspectives, and can appreciate an honest review whether it’s done in a negative or positive light.

I prefer the service of indie companies to the big ones that just sort of go “what’s that? Everything was packed neatly and came with mograna copy of my invoice.

Stay Beautiful: Morgana Cryptoria s Lipstick Collection– Swatches and Review

You are totally accurate on many of your points. I am so behind that I haven’t swatched them to put on my blog yet. Yesterday a long-awaited package arrived, the lipsticks I ordered at the beginning of February.

It makes concerned paranoid, even that it’s a risk to participate in indie blogging if you tick the wrong person off. Having tested several shades pretty thoroughly for a good while, it’s h Illusions of Goodness-Experiment June 22,