At first, it was because she wanted to clear up her real father’s name. Putting two and two together, he figures that Se-ri must be looking for Mina — who, he recalls, was quite keen to remain unknown. I guess he is protecting LS in his own way Ooh, the men that Yoon-Ju counts on to be still wrapped around her fingers are now slipping from her grasps. But Ae-jung starts sniffing around, recognizing the scent of her cream, and asks accusingly if Jin used it. Hint hint plot hole.

At first, it was because she wanted to clear up her real father’s name. You should know, Mr. Not even when they’re fresh off the oven – baked, covered with cheese, and sprinkled with bacon bits. In her defense though, as far as SHE knows, the president supports her, so she doesn’t have reason to suspect him. Kim Yoonmi February 4, at 8: I love Seol, but I really feel sorry that the palace and the politics are like imprisoning her How many years can she last as a princess without wanting to give everyone the finger?

He beat DJ to making me cry when he cried for the sneakers. Can I just have Jin? Putting two and two together, he figures that Se-ri must be epizode for Mina — who, he recalls, was quite keen to remain unknown. There is way too much money involved here.

This episode was so funny and heartbreaking at the same time. And wouldn’t it be disrespectful to Seol’s dad to have her marry his killer? Gah, I feel the worst for Jung-woo because he has the utter misfortune of loving or even having loved such a stone-cold former human. ffom

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The plotline is that she has not yet been accepted by the government and the people as an official princess. That would have been outstanding! It also pointed out how it’s pretty much only Ding Feom who truly grasps the relationship between his aunt and Jin. Alvina February 3, at 9: Or is it bad acting?


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How would he owe YJ one for that? She deserves the best man there is, chaebol or not. MsScorpion June 9, at 3: Me too, what’s up with that?

I love how half-assed his gesture is, but also that he bothered at all. MsScorpion June 9, at 4: Haeyoung is hot dgamacrazy the professor is totally adorable.

Thank you, gominam, for your candor. Thank you for the recap Javabeans! Made For Each Other: The world would be a better place. Honeybee June 9, at 8: Episode 9 by Sunny. I might sound like a freak but I wouldn’t be dramacrzzy to bear it if I didn’t like the smell of my partner Totally love this episode especially here: I thought they deleted the channel!

P must stand for Mr. Jung-woo, ever the smart one and thank god for that, reallytells her that Dan is likely someone who does NOT want her to be a princess.

I want a Pil-joo too and despite my love for Jin, is it wrong that I still kinda want Pil-joo to get the girl?

I predict there are very few kisses in our near future, ladies, unless it’s with all the wrong people So as long as I have that in mind I’ll lpve ok. Jung-woo returns home only to find Yoon-ju standing in his doorway.

I guess it’s like when sta told her mom to keep distance. Or maybe he thinks she is not really fit for the role and he would be actually doing the country a favor by letting her off the hook?


Hong Sisters bases are always like that aye? He chose to lock horns with the Prez and on national TV, too. Episode 9 by Sunny. Like a little girl never stole something of her sisters and claimed it as her own?

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Thanks for the recap. I just keep losing it what with all the cute ;- Jomo: I am not stupid or anything, I did well academically, but not street smart: PJ’s mom, I think, is the drama’s answer to the tiring evil kdrama mothers. HY can only keep his money if nobody becomes Princess, meaning the vote for the new monarchy fails. Everyone on this show is so loveable!

Why do you keep tormenting me? Am I going insane?

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If you think about it by how it would look from the outside- A big corporation head disbands the current government in favor of a monarchy in which the ruler is his granddaughter in law. Fiona February 3, at 9: I did the exact same thing: Actually that’s what I thought tge happened when I watched this episode’s ending before the recaps and subtitles had come out. Can’t resist the cute! I’m a fom sucker for really effective love triangles.