Nigel Marven travels back in an Early Cretaceous Mongolia to find the dinosaur with the largest claws: However, Nigel panics, and never fires it. As it attempts to attack the cage, Nigel tries to fire the camera. Nature’s Lost Kingdom Alaska: Further back million years ago and the plants have yet to evolve. The Wildest Ocean on Earth Patagonia:

From the deck of the Ancient Mariner , Nigel and crew watch as a Nothosaurus 3 m comes up for air. Each story is compelling and Before long, Nigel finds a pair of Nothosaurus. On the next dive with the adults , Nigel uses the round shark cage that he previously used in the Devonian era against Dunkleosteus. Dinosaur World Walking with Dinosaurs While sailing they see a Lythronax roaring on land. After he pokes it with the prod several times, the Cymbospondylus swims away, and Nigel returns to the relative safety of the Ancient Mariner. Goofs Whenever the footage recorded by the minisub is shown, the time codes in the screen’s corner sometimes jump around randomly.

Narrator 3 episodes, Then to the Pliocene for an counter with history’s largest shark. Nigel and the crew head out to deeper water sez search of Tylosaurus 14 m. When he sees one, Nigel dives into the seas, pursuing the elusive sea reptile. Nigel follows a school of massive fish hoping to find history’s the largest marine carnivore, Liopleurodon.

Before this period there are many other challenges the explorer must tackle first. Sea Monsters is a BBC television trilogy which used computer-generated imagery to show past life in Earth’s seas. In the water, Nigel watches as a trio of Dorudona species of ancient whalepass by, and he explains that whales are the reason he came: He finds the Cameroceras and, after deterring it from attacking him by shining a torch in its eyes, he zea it devour two Megalograptus.

Use the HTML below. When the crew of the Ancient Mariner head backward in time, the narrator says that as the Ice Age begins, the whales that Megalodon preyed on migrated to colder waters, where Megalodon could not follow. However, a Megalograptus is quickly attracted to it, and Nigel immediately gets it off the trilobite. Nigel can hold onto the tail only with difficulty because it is thrashing around intended as a predator decoy. She then regurgitates the indigestible parts of its meal the armor plating and the chainmail.


Edit Details Official Sites: Learn more More Mavren This. Earth’s Tropical Paradise Wild Ireland: After thriving for fifty million years, the entire Class of placoderms will disappear, much to the other Devonian fish’s relief. Views Read Edit View history. As nigwl as Nigel using a periscope can figure out, an elderly Hesperornis was killed, and the resulting carnage has attracted many sea animals, such as Squalicorax 5 mand Xiphactinus 6 m.

A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy ” on Amazon. Based on the latest paleontological discoveries from all continents, veteran actor John Hurt narrates the gory, bleak stories of the brutal relationship between the ancient ,onsters predators and their gigantic herbivorous prey.

Was this review helpful to you? The seas are terrorised by giant sea scorpions and even more monstrous, the metre long tentacled orthocones. Only by taking cover in the thick underwater foliage do Nigel and the Odobenocetops manage to escape the huge shark. This page was last edited on 29 Januaryat As Nigel walks along the tropical coastlines of Triassic Switzerlandhe explains that the reptiles are taking over the surface of the earth from the skies like Peteinosaurus 1 mto the land like Coelophysis 2 m.

The Nothosaurus circle him, and Nigel has his prod ready to put off any Nothosaurus that comes too close.

Further back million years ago and the plants have yet to evolve. Use dmy dates from December Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references Episode lists with row deviations.

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But of course, he is here to see the earliest sea reptiles. When Nigel pilots the boat back to shore, he finds a surprise: Walking with Cavemen Prehistoric Park Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


However, the whale could attack from any direction, so Nigel stays close to the hull of the Marinerusing the boat as a shield to ward nigek the Basilosaurus. Before diving in offshore waters with the adult Megalodon 15 mNigel will dive in the coastal waters, with the juveniles. The crew uses huge waterproof lights when they descend to the corpse of the Leedsichthys because it is nighttime.

Sea Monsters #1.

From the deck of the Ancient MarinerNigel and crew watch as a Nothosaurus 3 m comes up for air. My Favorite Documentary Series. Later, after managing to domesticate a Pteranodon 6 mthe sonar picks up some creatures right beneath the boat.

When the Cameroceras starts to dive down into the depths, Nigel swims away to the surface, almost getting attacked by another Megalograptus.

The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life As the Ancient Mariner sails off forward through time, the narrator explains that the tropical Eocene is a world on the brink of great climatic change.

Before long, Nigel finds a pair of Nothosaurus. Nigel continues to court danger in the Devonian as he teases a dunkleosteus and in the Eocene trying to hand feed an arsinoitherium.

Walking with Dinosaurs Well, it’s been done to death at this point, and I’m glad people with more expertise has accomplished this, but even though there’ve been numerous such “fake” documentaries that explore and discuss dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals like Sagan did with science back in the late s, I find these kinds of shows just compelling as anything. To attract a Megalograptus 1 mNigel finds the corpse of a dead Astraspis washed up on the beach.

He lets the Nothosaurus go discovers another bizarre sea reptile: