If some people are still reading up on this blog.. FK emotes very well, he is understated, elegant and a natural actor. The ones who likes Zindagi Gulzar Hai or the ones who like Humsafar and neither can we call one show better than the other really. The editing though did leave a lot to be desired, as did the background score. Shan is working on Arth-2, indo-pak collaboration.. And her mom going from a mute spectator to her dads transgressions to a firm independent voice. Happy to hear that SS does not have an inflated head. Retrieved 29 December

There were no other guys around and he was just staring…ick! I absolutely agree that there was opportunity wasted to truly show character transformation, resolution, and catharsis. And thank you all for your love, support, appreciation, criticism and honesty. Milind Gunaji — Milind Gunaji is an Indian actor, model, television show host, and author, most known for his roles in Marathi and Hindi cinema. So according to most women I know in India they would never want to be like Kashaf, with her Daddy and trust issues. Sanam comes across as a natural in her performances and in her interviews too she seems so sensible …..

Aap aur kaisa end chah rahay thay? She is so capable and celebrated, with a little bit of attention to narrative and commitment to a thinking audience this could have truly turned into a gem for generations pxrchaiyan come much like Dhoop Kinarey and Humsafar which I have not watched!

ZGH phir se air kar rahein hain….

Parchaiyan – Last Episode – Watch Latest Episodes of ARY Digital

They resolved their issues, had two sons and eventually moved abroad on a foreign service assignment. I have never compared both dramas but this scene was just way too obvious. So, interest peaked, ready to go!! Anyway I will move on. But u can definitely watch it on YouTube.


Parchayee Episode #21 Promo

By the way, I was watching the live transmission. Love your chemistry with your Saas and Nand!!! Recently he said he rejected the lead role in recently released sci-fi thriller Operation21, which is done by Shaan. Thank you for this finale review, for putting the nail in the coffin, so to speak. Good content and good products is what we all want.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 26 Finale Review

The last part where pregnant Kashaf and Zaroon were walking and trying to blame each other for the minor separation was quite cute in my opinion. I dnt like her at al…she is so all about me me me me me type girl. I would say a lot of credit goes to Ranveer and parineeti.

Twinks, yes it seems so much more likely that their social media would be managed by a rep. Yes absolutely unbelievable Aish…daddy issues toh doob hi Gay of which they showed us 15 episodes and the most fundamental reason Kashaf being how she is was brushed under the carpet over a two minute dinner and instead Osama aur Asmara ka retarded reason bangay for conflict. So I wish I had discovered it today. Whether it was the romantic portions, or the finale scene with Zaroon and Kashaf spending time with their children.

Such optimistic and beautiful message this show gives. Obviously it is going to hurt his fans… I m actually happy to know k FK is demanding and showing some attitude in india. After moving to Sikandarpur, they start a new life and Fateh Sher assumes a new identity.

Whenever i saw Kashaf and her notings in the diary…you could relate to it….

When we let go off all insecurities. If you need any recommendations or would like to share your detailed thoughts on ZGH or any other Pakistani drama youve recently watched, please feel free to do so. In fact he sticks to one girl Asmara and then Kashaf. Aur zindagee ka safar tu na rukta hai na khatam hota hai… and to give a real touch, this kinda abrupt ending with same gila shikwa or eik doosray ke flaws ko overlook kar daina -is perfect.


After all, something is most beautiful when it has some faults, beauty is in imperfection. Thanks SZ and friends…will try to watch Humsafar when time permits…else will catch it on Zindagi…looking forward to Behadd the telefilm starring Fawad.

Was seen to be sitting quietly in a corner with his son and a couple of close friends. Noone, just no one could have accomplished this with such finesse, …you are indisputably the finest, most talented….

ZGH was a disappointment. Ireally do not have anyone here to share my views on ZGH so i constantly am trolling the internet for blogs where I can discuss my insights with fellow fans…lovely talking to you.

It is a pluralistic, multilingual and multi-ethnic society and is home epizode a diversity of wildlife in a variety of protected habitats. ZGH brought me back to dramas after 15 years. And yes, mahira is gorgeous.

He freaking looks smoking in that beard!!! ZGH is the best commercial drama I have seen so far. But even you will agree that FK or Ali Zafar are in a different league altogether.