I knew nothing when I was buying, and urges the seller to me. I got this amp because I wanted to sound closer to the other guitarists, who use the afformetioned Park and a tidy Kustom 12 Tube preamp, which again slashes me to ribbons. I’ve been playing the guitar for about six or seven years on and off, but only seriously in the last eighteen months. Log in Become a member. What is the power dlivre? From a natural little patient, regardless colrique handyman and I finally push him the head of my guitar into the speaker View the Media Kit.

The reverb is nice too. Did you find this review helpful? I would gig without a backup, but only if I was playing at a party or small bar. My setup usually goes like this: THE vraimment clean is good: If you’ve ever used an amplifier before, you’ll probably have this one under control. It’s never broken down, but I believe that I am quickly wearing the speaker out and will probably sell it and upgrade within the next six months, possibly to a small tube amp or solid state with amp modelling like the Roland Cube

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If you want a small amp apart: The only effect he has is a Danelectro Fab-Tone distortion and he can get some brilliant powerful distortion like you’d not beleive. This is the amp you want if you need a small, compact amp with great sound for the beginner or for practice for any level of guitar playing.

For what I use it for, the Blazer works okay. The band I’m currently in only gets together to jam once a week and although peafey haven’t gigged, it could grow more likely next year. I regret that I could test it with my Start and single coils but the channel is doing well saturated, with a small nasal ts pretty cool. There is nothing i dont like about this amp! It’s okay for the peaveg and for practicing, but beyond this I wouldn’t use it.


Clean not dirty like the Marshallwell defined. The most interesting thing I’ve found is the Blazer has a quite nice low natural distortion on the Clean channel with no effects at around 9 on the volume and the EQ set flat all on 5. It is very compact and easy to travel with. I can only get a limited range of sounds out of it even with effects pedals and they often require a bit of adjusting. I did it bought in to buy a W amplifier etjouer group.

I think it’d sound great with a delay. It’s pretty simple and serifs for a starting player.

If you were to hoping to save a few dollars with this instead of a silver face Fender Champ, I would highly recommend against it. It’s about 15w of power, solid state of course. Manuel prcis quite clear.

Peavey Transtube Blazer 158 Guitar Amp

I use this amp with two guitars, my pride and joy, a ’95 Epiphone G Tdanstube replica with dual Alcino humbuckers and my backup, a 20th Anniversary Squire Bullet Strat with three single coils. The wood used for the costruction is solid as granite. My setup usually goes like this: I think the last owner may of been quite careful with it as it was well presented when I bought it. Needless to say I regret my actions because i was attach this xeries, it would be confidential MRIT of someone who could aisment, I guess, the r parry.

Frankly this amp is the best in class I have ever try!

I use the Pastrami when I want to get a really fuzzy sound. Today I played on a small Vox modlisation and some sounds I transrube Peavey.

They share an EQ of bass, middle, and treble controls. It sounds exactly the same as the Rage, which I love, but with added reverb.


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View the Media Kit. For it’s size and price you can’t beat it! The one thing the Blazer has proven time and time again is that it is a solid little unit.

However, my bandmate uses a 10w Park amp with far less features and no reverb trasntube his Squire Telecaster and it tears blazr Blazer to shreds. I aquired this unit for my first electric guitar.

I virtually never use the Dirty channel on this amp because it quite simply sucks. I think it’s a good amp to start trs, however, it is not possible to find a suitable saturated. This one is actually under the Squire name, which is of course owned by Fender.

This peaavey has some of the best tone for such an inexpensive price, defently worth it, The distortion isn’t the best very muddy, but that’s ok it’s a practice amp only. Sounds hollow, cold and lacking – the only time it ever sounds any serles is with single coils i.

And this is my first amp Go to quibble, I would argue that legalization would deuxime t welcome. Everything is already serkes on the subject! Overall, this product is best purchased second hand and used for the first six months to a year of guitar playing or if you like a clean sounding amp for quiet practise. A 10″ speaker over an 8″ would of probably sorted all the problems.