This is a fluffy Ryosaku, Fujisaku, amazingly off kilter oneshot from a long time ago. Niou is once again made speechless. Hermione discovers that one night can change everything; as long she asks the right questions. The Birthday Wish by LunaLovegood24 reviews What does the son of Hermione and Severus want for his fifth birthday and what does Severus have to say about it? But what if every ones favorite rock god falls in love his oldest friend? NiouSaku Prince of Tennis – Rated: Now Niou is being all wacky! Clean reviews Hiyoshi goes fishing

They’re trapped by their phobias and? Or will it be just an ordinary year? Tadaima reviews “… It’s just…” The boy looked directly into her chocolate brown eyes, “Your hair’s still too long. Love, Where Is Your Fire? The second part had a few “monkey business”. Jin Nishimura as Kachirou’s Father. Bobby, a very physically powerful tennis player of the U. But this was Vongola Decimo’s Family, and things aren’t going to stay pretty for long.

Sora ni Asobu ([IMPROVED] watch Prince of Tennis without being)

Try this one on for size before you complain about your life. Untitled reviews In which, Sougo will try to woo Kagura’s son to get to her.

That is, until a new girl interferes… –ryomaXsakuno– Prince of Tennis – Rated: I hope you all enjoy my story. There he and his Seigaku pinou discovered the racquets and invented Tennis themselves.


My Favorite POT episodes: Tenipuri/Chibi side stories

Forgettable Vows by twin-v reviews Draco and Hermione wake up together in bed one morning with headaches, no clothes, and horror when they see each other. It all started with finding the perfect Christmas Present. Mungo’s where he recovered and started dating Hermione.

Samira Fernandes as Sakuno Ryuzaki. But this was Vongola Decimo’s Family, and things aren’t going to stay pretty for long. And Ryoma is going to find out know mater what. Why is love so complicated?

Can she pull tdnnis pureblood ideology away from Draco? Kaidoh and Atobe vs. Why am I your top follower! Forgotten by Aki Kaede reviews [Oneshot] Sakuno goes in search of Kf, only to rennis something unexpected Seigaku had to fight Ginka but they decided to abandon because of echizen who beat them Before.

Honey to the Bee by Se-chan reviews Gaara and his fiance. Pfince Katsu as Kenzou. Kite, moved, resides with Marui restating he sides with the strong. Read to find out how this unravels. Wedding Clothes reviews “But I have to let go of the idea of you coming back to my arms. His desire to regain his honor, or even his place on the team, brings him into conflict with the regular who takes his place, Otori Choutarou.


Mild Language Beyblade – Rated: Clawhauser, Chief Bogo – Complete. Renji and Inui argue. Oni wins the match. A Crummy Situation by Silindro reviews Oneshot.

Somewhere along the lines it changed for her. Five years after Hermione Granger saved Severus Snape’s life.

Option Number 2 by Lilac reviews I had been waiting for this opportunity: The birds, the bees, and Naruto by ZombieLeyLey reviews Naruto has a question and, as we all know, once that happens, no one is safe. Rated for Language, Violence, and Sexuality. The Black Jerseys show an incredible improvement in their abilities, thanks to the intense training at the mountains. She was the Princess of Tennis, though!

The final battle begins! Yet he did not know she was among them, just as she did not know he was among the ones watching them.