When South Korean president, Kim Dae-jung visited North Korea last year in the first step toward normalizing relations and possible albeit future unification, we learned that the North Korean supreme leader is something of a movie fanatic. Do you want to remove all your recent searches? Uriah43 9 January Like every other artform from the North it can only be broadcast or shown if it matches the philosophy of the state. All recent searches will be deleted. Inside Out Full Movie english subtitles. Roll credits on the ninety minutes of my life that cannot be taken back; a horrid mess of a movie that cannot be unseen. I like to watch Kaiju films and this Korean monster movie it’s a funny monster movie with great battle scenes.

It arrives apparently to help the people, but soon grows out of control. Caillou’s Holiday magic with subtitles. A peasant girl is fetching water from a well. It’s still a shame the Kim family has yet to be put to justice. Along with that the movie I saw was filmed in Korean but had English subtitles. Considering this was done in the mids the monster suit is about 15 years behind the times and at times they use rear screen projection which is what they used for King Kong back in ! She is a kind and selfless young woman, as indicated by her desire to see the old people fed first at dinner time.

The evil king represents the feudal government of the Chosun Dynasty which ended at the beginning of the ‘s. AllNewSux 11 June With that in mind, I got a little bit anxious by the ending.

Atavisten 8 April Un fortunately the kidnapping victims escaped before the movie could be completed, which could explain much of the disjointed nature in the latter part of the film.

I had made a top 10 list of worst giant monster movies. The monster eats metal and begins to grow.

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And since North Korean film industry started like so it’s no wonder it’s very much behind in technology. Besides the poor special effects, most of them inside the atmosphere behind the Pulgarasi monster, other great battle scenes with hundred extras acting and fighting, You’ll like all the engoish efforth to create power and big scenes.

The script is very simple and the characters are, like the weapons, like cardboard cutouts. He grows bigger and bigger under Ami’s control, since it’s her blood that infused him with life. Frankly I was thinking that if it was suppose to be a tongue in cheek sort of thing then I could consider it a good joke film, but since the film is serious and meant to “mean” something then its a disaster. As a movie it is OK. It was actually made when Kim Jong-Il kidnapped a movie director.


Add this video to your site using the above embed code. Pulgasari and Ami die. Despite that, it’s still a good story of rebellion against forces of evil, Subtitlew would just question if we even needed the monster?

Her father is the town blacksmith and makes many tools for the farmers.

Jail With English Subtitles. I’m sure years of therapy will erase the scars left by this movie, but I don’t have that much time. But the story with its uniquely North Korean slant is a solid one and the novelty value alone is enough to keep you watching.

Those of you into bondage may want to see about getting one for yourself since it severely limits movement and is probably torturous to wear The “blue screen” work is laughable, simply because the film stocks don’t match. Its a subtiltes warp and complete mess. This secret weapon was exactly what they needed in order to kill the king, but it grows out of control. All recent searches will be deleted.

Since I began living in South Korea several years ago, Pulgasafi have always been curious about what life and art would be like in the isolated North. Caillou’s Laughing song with subtitles.

Big Game Full Movie english subtitles. I’ll be brief- A blacksmith who won’t make weapons to stop a rebellion is pitched into jail and starved to death. I guess if the dictator of a country tells you to be in his movie, you are in the movie!!

Caillou’s Halloween song with subtitles. Once Ami, her brother, her mother, the village, the bandits, and their dogs have recovered from the loss, wiped their tears away and shouted ‘aigoo’ for the last time, the little sculpture finds its way to Ami.

Elissa Ayshalak with English subtitles. He is a man of principle, however, and refuses to eat even this food prepared by his loving daughter.


A movie from behind the DMZ! Whether this monster represents capitalism or not is anyones guess, I didn’t notice anything that pointed towards that conclusion in the movie, but there’s always the juche discourse to look it in the light of.

Pulgasari part 1 with english subtitles

She is a kind and selfless young woman, as indicated by her desire to see the old people fed first at dinner time. And no its not one of the worst films I’ve ever seen, just one of the most inept. It looks like a TV series blown up to feature size. The monster grows when eating iron.

Still I can only recommend this movie for die-hard kaiju fans, those who want to watch every kaiju film ever. Its a childrens film made for adults. Yes, some people would call this a “propaganda piece” because how dare you say the peasants are being treated terribly by their feudal monarchy.

It’s very silly, but it’s really no dumber than most of the films in the Gamera series.

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Having now seen Pulgasari, it’s position on the list is still number 3. Quite bizarrely, the director’s ‘punishment’ was to have his name removed from the credits, until he SUED the film company to have it re-instated, although heaven only knows why. Caillou’s Holiday magic pulgasaro subtitles. A lot of people here might not be familiar with one of my favorite pages on the entire Internet, Wikipedia’s list of unusual articles.

It’s still a shame the Kim family has yet to be put to justice.

Super Monster at number 1. The collapse of the buildings seems to be very realistic. The first of many ‘epic’ battle scenes unfurls as Korean People’s Army soldiers forced to act as extras fight it out dressed as wicked royal guards slavishly obeying the king and virtuous peasants defending their right to bear pots and pans. Pulgasari was number 3, with Godzilla’s Revenge at number 2 and finally Gamera: