Anonymous 25 May at Shobha is still begging G3 and unable to see that Dubey tells its waste of time and pulls Arthi away before they are humiliated further. She gives her hand in his and walks upto the guests, along with abhi. But abhi insists otherwise. As she comes out changing, the lights go off, and she desperately tries to run out, but vikrant comes in her way. Buaji gets scared seeing him and says, Yash will fight with this evil?

Yash is going for the fight. Sarita says that he and not her is always in the mood for drama. He asks her whats the drama, and why is she outside. Aarti says to him, yash ji, if my love is true for you then you will win this fight.. Abhi says that he wants to sleep with her. Dubeyji tells G3, Arthi is a very righteous young woman and not a gold digger. Vikrant asks her not to pretend to care for these rituals, as he got a mother and not a wife for him, and she cant be one also.

Punar Vivah 24th May Written Episode. Yash is struggling but still fights.

Vikrant eyes her tensedly. Aarti says to herself, get up Yash ji.

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Punar Vivah 21st May 20122 Episode. Punar Vivah Episode starts with yash is traffic and aartis pallu gets stuck in his car and both dnt know yash then takes out her pallu and bg ek dusre ke vaste is played then.


He is uneasy and uncomfortable. Punar Vivah 24th May Vikrant asks him to sleep in his room.

Bua tells Shobha that Aarti is characterless and Yash is a saint … and there both Puunar r arrested together for being proved as characterless in Cafe Delight …I guess this is first time I m seeing a lead heroine hv a smile on her face and looking all delighted because she epiaode arrested with a common handcuff along with her husband …It was enough for her to understand that both r destined to b together.

Yash is struggling at first.

She cuts the ribbon. Pratik might come to the rescue?? She asks the girls to get ready. And now what about my image? He says that he isnt anxious to touch her, and that the decoration was done by the manager, and he had no reason to ask him not to.

She says that she wont ever let her feel the loss of her prior family, referring to her as sarita Didi. Kareena Kapoor says, what is this? Soham asks kamla if they should take shiela.

Gayatri tells Shobha that my son is not running after that Aarti ,… and there Yash is indeed running after Aarti who is ruinning after the chor to save her Pati ka wallet …I guess this is first time a lead rull is enjoying seeing his heroine fighting against the Chor for him.


Anonymous 24 May at She says that this is their room, and he can leave if she wants. Vandana gets the thali and asks them to enter. She starts saying frantically that she doesnt like darkness, and asks the lights to be put back on. We are authorized broker in share market. She says that they both vivau sleep together.

Punar Vivaah 19th September Written Update – Meelak

Hope yash and aarthi straightforward about the truth. Abhi comes and asks if they are fighting. Aarti says to him, yash ji, if my love is true for you then you will win this fight. Aarti is helping Yash in getting ready but he takes away his hand. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Sarita says that she was much comfortable in her previous room, where she had space for everything, unlike here. I am afraid to think about now. Watch hindi drama serial Punar Vivaah 24th May online. She says fhll she has married him for abhi, and that there wont be any relation in between them.