Tanveer is very disguted. The screen freezes on her vicious face. Posted by Sreedevi K N at Zoya thinks Newyork was better than here atleast no guy was staring at her as some guys passingby keep looking at her. Zoya escapes from their eyes and in running on the streets. Asad says that with him, the feelings might be true, but the marriage isnt. She calls out to him, and asks about her parcel. Episode starts with Asad and Ayan meeting and hugging one another.

Tanveer sees it and grows very tensed. But kinshuk is adamant that nothing like that would happen. She confronts asad asking him to tell the truth. Neel too gazes at nandini, and thinks of an imaginary dance sequence, with her, on the number, Kaise Bataaye. Zoya is praying in the dargah while Asad too comes. Asad fumbles, and says no. Vasudev waves them goodbye and goes off.

Like 0 Dislike 0. Dilshad finds him like that and teases him about his proposal.

As asad tries to reason qubiol her, dilshad leaves, not willing to hear anything. She says that she wasnt sick, and was just dramatising. Last updated May 16, Zoyaa May 29, Her sister asks her why is she being kept ion the dark about all this.

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Sign in Recover your password. They comment on the starnge coincidence of their meeting. The doorbell keeps ringing persistently. Asad agrees, while tanveer looking from a distance, is very upset. Asad asks how many more rituals are to be done, and dilshad says that she would do everything When dilshad asks zoya which colour would suit asad, she asks dilshad to ask tanveer only, as she knows best what asad likes or doesnt, as they are childhood friends.

As tanveer looks at the rope of the chandelier, she thinks that she would cut this rope, when she would be with asad. When the delivery boy asks for tanveer and only her for the delivery of this parcel from the factory, zoya pretends to be the same, and takes the parcel. Her sister says that for visa extension, there has to be an application, and not a real marriage.


Both brothers continue to look at her while Zoya covers herself in her black dupatta and gets up to leave. Tanveer sees it and grows very tensed. Arjun breaks into a dance on the number, Badtameez Dil, while all watch and enjoy.

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Zoya, coming down, thinks that its getting very complex, and she would have to get solid evidence for Tanveer. She confronts asad, asking why and what is he quvool doing, and why is he lying, and that has made her sister so happy. Asad says girls should behave themselves and keep their eyes down.

Asad says that in this condition, she would never have been left alone by him, and that she would be here only. But dilshad coaxes him for this. She impatiently waits for 5: Hearing the doorbell ring, Zoya looks at the watch, and finding that its 5: Shalini and kinshuk, in a room, wonder what to do now, as now onir too is here, and arjun too. Zoya is praying in the dargah while Asad too comes. Asad says that he went for tanveer, as she wasnt doing well.

Asnandini asks what had happened in their porposal, zoya looks at asad, and purvi teases her about the same. A password will be e-mailed to you. She progresses towards it. Ayan teases him saying that he is very interested in knowing whats her opinion.

Ayan goes conscious, and just manages to say that its good. As she leaves, Tanveer says that she knows that if zoya hadnt been there, it would have been so good for her. As she begins to pick up, she is stopped, saying that onir must have gotten to know. She says that zoya isnt perfect but that doesnt mean, she isnt worth it. Zoya is speechless while her sister cant believe what her eyes see.


She confronts him that e;isode accepted his love for zoya infront of her sister. But asad is reluctant to dance. They call again and this time Nuzrat gives them right decision. They wonder if she would detect foul play. Meanwhile the men are hitting Ayan and one is about to put the knife through him when Asad comes desitvnox in time and beats up the men and saves him. Dilshad tells them that zoya called them, but was told that she was ill.

She makes him promise that tonight before the celebration ends, he would have to reveal his heart to her. Zoya says its not her wedding today and again comments about customs here, Asad asks her to go back to her country zoya says she will leave as soon as her work is over, Asad says thank god and both leave. But kinshuk is adamant that wrritten like that would happen. He composes himself and says nandini, and asks how is she.

Asad comes to her, and says that whoever did this, wanted to harm tanveer and not zoya, as she was harmed in the other function also.