Des Moines, Iowa Watch: Find More Posts by ArcticMoose. Sure, Rolex has always made a fine watch, but its recent focus has mainly been on hairsprings, bezel materials and clasps. However there is also another side to the watch, and to the Rolex approach to luxury in general: As for the looks, that’s wholly subjective and I like the looks just fine and think that it fits well into the Oyster line. So, to answer your question, the Sky-Dweller is both — new and exciting and a monstrosity. I’m a young professional athlete with an incredible passion for horology. Jan Real Name:

Neither of us are extremely wealthy, so this is the watch of my dreams, not pipe dreams. Originally Posted by jay On the wrist, the two stabilizing ridges do exactly what they are supposed to: Rolex would have done better to make a perpetual calander watch. Ok, so he says its an ugly watch with an interesting movement. Perpetual calendars, moon phase, tourbillons? I still try to dip the nib a few times a year when I write to my elderly aunts and my favorite professor from school.

As far as I know, several people write for that article on a regular basis. There is a waiting list to buy rolxe brand new one and boutiques can rarely keep them in stock for very long. One of the most endearing traits of Rolex as a company is that it tends to demonstrate what snov can only describe as a laudable degree of corporate obsessive-compulsive disorder when it comes to research and development, and it does so, often, without making any sort of fanfare about it at all.

I’m torn between the sportier look and history of the Explorer my father was a climberand the great finish work of the NOMOS. Most of the naysayers don’t. Talking Watches With Gary Shteyngart.

Quite an interesting review Lets face it if he really went to Oxford like he claims and had the massive collection aychtmaster had.


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Originally Posted by GradyPhilpott. Originally Posted by dalip. The Oysterflex bracelet is, in a nutshell, quite a piece of work. I still try to dip the nib a few times a year when I write to my elderly aunts and my favorite professor from school.

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Also insults people that ask questions which aren’t that bad. With a Panerai as your avatar? Still I don’t get the watch, and I don’t think Rolex does either.

Now, for most companies this would have little effect on watch enthusiasts other than to evoke very tepid interest at best, and boredom at worst — but this is not an ordinary rubber strap, this is an official, designed-and-tested-and-thoroughly-obsessed-over-by-Rolex rubber strap.

Entertaining stuff that often brings a smile to my face. It has a built-in compass function that makes it unique in the watch world. Find More Posts by Kevin B.

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Ok, so he says its an ugly watch with an interesting movement. Perhaps an even more widely recognized symbol of wealth and elegance than the Submariner sonb in the world, in gold it makes a much bolder statement than stainless steel, while two-tone models have their own unique appeal.

I know that you preach personal preference when making choices about watches that are known to be highly regarded, but since this will remain the highlight of my collection forever, extra assurance and input will make me feel more at ease with my decision. The Extra Thin has a much more interesting movement — possibly the finest self-winding full rotor ultra thin movement ever made — and it is also a far better design, having all the elements of the original Royal Oaks from the early s.

Every now and then he recommends a cheaper watch like Nomos but that’s about it. Watch Snob on the Skydweller. What we have here, in other words, is a very Rolex interpretation of luxury.


Yachmaster Posted by Timber Loftis. It is clean, uncluttered, and quite magnificently shows off the harmony between the case and the integrated steel bracelet — again, probably one of the best examples of this sort of approach ever done, and all the more exciting because Audemars Piguet was the first to try it.

A handwritten letter is a lost art but one that those of us who appreciate things that take time still appreciate.

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I’m a young professional athlete with an incredible passion for horology. Find More Posts by Reu.

Find More Posts by dpkong. John Goldberger; we covered it — and yachtmastter host of other remarkable ultra-rare watches from his collection — in a very memorable episode of Talking Watches.

The Rolex should probably be your first choice. Oct Real Name: Don’t you get tired of hearing him moan about them? So, to answer your question, the Sky-Dweller is ro,ex — new and exciting and a monstrosity. It did not stop me from buying a PAM.

Rolex stopped making it in but revived it in restoring it to cult status. Watches after, all are. Find More Posts by gwalker. The earliest Daytona models appeared innamed after the famed Florida racetrack where many speed records were set and where Rolex was, and still is, the official timekeeper.

Both vintage, of course, but then, so is the Snob. Find More Posts by jawalsh.