How to be married to two women and be perfectly fair. Both films were meant to propagate Islamic values, specifically for the hajj ritual, and took great pains in informing potential travellers about the necessary steps and the process of the trip. It was produced by Starvision, an old film company that is led by another producer of South Asian descent, Chand Parvez. These films might not teach the new Muslim middle class anything new about Islam, but it gives the constituent of this market—that is in the mil- lions—a chance to confirm their beliefs, values, and morals in the public sphere. Lihat Ketentuan Penggunaan untuk lebih jelasnya. An Introduction, Melanie J.

Religion Using the Market or Vice Versa. In the colonial period, the Dutch got the fiercest opposition from certain religious figures,6 resulting in different policies on Islamic religious life. Fandy Andre Stinky , an American- born rocker the actor is the singer of a rock group in real life , meets and falls in love with Sarah Ayu Pratiwi , a pretty girl with a headscarf, the daughter of cleric Romli Deddy Mizwar. With his long portfolio in theater and television program production, it was not that hard for him to reach his target. As the film industry started to grow again in the early s, old players jumped back into film business, and these producers are continuously looking for exploitable patterns in audience preference. In the same year, a proposal for another film, Cleric War Perang Padri , was denied by the Censorship Board under recommendation of the Department of Education and Culture.

We can see the creation of the PKS creation as a solution, but one that has yet to overcome prob- lems. The movie was based on the history of the struggle of religious leaders against the Dutch colo- nial rulers, and the officials believed that the storyline—that emphasizes the con- flict between the clerics at one side and the Dutch allied with traditional leaders on the other side—was too sensitive.

Fahri is confused when trying to decide whom to marry.

Film Sang Murabbi

This structure murqbbi makes my attempt to distinguish character develop- ment harder, because clearly from the beginning Abdullah has specific ideals and goals and does not arrive at these principles by way of a personal crisis.


Mengaku Rasul takes a quite unique direction: Fahri picks Aisha who turns out to be a sophisticated German woman from a very wealthy German-Turkish family.

Syahadat Cinta has two repetitive problem-solution plots: Islamic termi- nology informs the titles, Muslim costumes are worn by main characters, Islamic vocabulary or verses from the Koran appear in the dialogs and in some cases, the producers even use homilies by clerics to frame the narrative. Finding her in a local hospital, Aisha Figure 7.

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Myrabbi films and television series with a more Islamic look are still being produced. The narrative is closer to the mystery genre than drama, but to give the movie a more Islamic appeal, two different clerics open and close the film with sermons about the danger of people claiming to be new prophets. Posters of these films show the characters wearing religious attire and posing as in prayer or the like, and trailers also play on the religious character of those movies. The party recruits its members from religious university students and alumni, and its steadily growing numbers made them one of the most serious competitors in this general elec- tion.

Independent versus Mainstream Islamic Cinema in Indonesia: Insinyur mesin ini selain aktif dalam bidang seni, saat ini tengah merintis bisnis dalam bidang rumah produksi dan industri sepatu.

Maria Carissa Putria Coptic Christian neighbor and another admirer of Fahri, is the only person who can testify about murabbo really happened between Fahri and Noura, but the broken-hearted woman is ill. Both films were meant to propagate Islamic values, specifically for the hajj ritual, and took great pains in informing potential travellers about the necessary steps and the process of the trip.

However, there is a question about effectiveness: Aisha convinces Fahri to marry Maria to heal her so she can testify. The film explores the conflict between the need to develop the economy and to keep religious faith. Fahri, Aisha, and Maria now live together in one house.

However, the conflict between these three sectors escalated in the early s, and this took its toll on the arts, as artists and filmmakers started to show their true colors in their works.


Ardhia used a digital betacam camera, thus the production cost was much lower than in mainstream cinema. This time, other students ask him to leave, only to make Iqbal realize that he can learn Islam better outside. Learning from the long history of Indonesian swing voters, we cannot use the result to predict the future of Islamic murwbbi or certain Islamic figures in the Indonesian politics.

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Din Sjamsuddin, head of one of the biggest Islamic organizations Muhammadiah and another aspiring, yet ultimatively unsuccessful, candidate for the presidency, claims that Ayat-Ayat Cinta spreads the message of love and peace. Fahri is arrested and faces a court unsympathetic to a foreign student. In late FebruaryYusuf Mansur announced that he will run for the presidency. In this period, filmmakers and artists were discouraged from creating works that included strong political or cultural propaganda, since Soekarno emphasized his concept of harmonious leadership under the label of NASAKOM, short for Nasionalis-Agama-Komunis, the peaceful coexistence of nationalist, religious, and communist elements of the country.

There are also interesting questions about Sang Murrabi and the challenge to conquer com- mercial cinema. With his production company Mizwar has targeted the Muslim market with a number of television series. However, this movie failed at the box office.

Bahasa lain Tambah interwiki. This film was specifically marketed to Muslims with a similar marketing model as the contemporary San films, considering the specific Islamic term in the title, the leading actress wearing a Muslim scarf on the poster, and the appearance of a leading religious figure in the movie.

Iqbal Arif Rahman is a city slicker who cannot pray or chant the Koran.